Project Cars GO: Release date, pre-registration, iOS, Android, updates & more

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Mobile racers are a risky business. Some are smash hits, like the Asphalt series, but others can flop.

The next racer to try and tackle the mobile market is Project Cars GO.

Initially announced back in 2018, it looks like the game is finally close to release.

Project Cars GO release date

While pre-registration is now available on iOS and Android, our Play Store doesn't have any release date visible, the App Store does.

The App Store says the game is expected on 23 March 2021.

app store project cars go release date
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INCOMING: The new game should land soon!

As an "expected" date that could move, but we don't expect it to.

Gameplay trailer

Project Cars GO has had a successful open beta, and you can see the gameplay from it below:

As you'd expect from a mobile racer the gameplay is relatively simple, but boasting tracks like Laguna Seca and Brands Hatch, along with an enormous range of cars, is a winner with us.

One touch racing

Controls for mobile racers are tricky, since you can't exactly hook up a wheel and pedals to your iPhone!

Project Cars GO promises one touch racing for players. How does it work?

Well, this touch focuses on gear changes for acceleration and hold-and-release braking into corners.

It's a pretty good innovation, but we hope there will be tilt steering included too.

In-game currency

As ever, there will be microtransactions and currencies that can complicate and limit your play.

Most seem earnable in-game, but how effective being a "no money spent" player is we'll have to wait and see.


Cash is obtained from Daily Bonuses, Garage Missions, and other play modes.

You can use Cash to upgrade parts, install Modes, and instantly tune your cars.


Obtain Diamonds from Daily Bonus, Daily Missions, Manufacturer Invitational, Boxes, Time Trials, Driver Tournament, Club Championship, and Diamonds Shop.

project cars go screener
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RACE ON: Project Cars GO promises an amazing selection of cars and tracks

Use your Diamonds to skip upgrade/factory tuning times, uninstall Mods, purchase Cars, and refill Fuel instantly.


These sound a bit, well... mad.

Obtain Bronze Madbucks from Daily Bonus, Daily Missions, Daily Invitational, Manufacturer Invitational, Specific Tier Time Trials, Specific Car Time Trials, Chained Team Events, Club Championship, and Packages.

project cars go madbucks
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These are used to open up Bronze Lucky Boxes from the BOXES menu. 500 Bronze Madbucks are required to open 1 Bronze Box.

Bronze Boxes Can Contain Mods, Rare Imports, Paint, Cash, T1 Car (1-3 Stars), T2 Car (1-3 Stars), Diamonds.

Silver Madbucks are used to open up Silver Lucky Boxes from the BOXES menu. 300 Silver Madbucks are required to open 1 Silver Box.

Silver Boxes Can Contain T1 Car, T2 Car, T3 Car, T4 Car, T5 Car, T6 Car.

Gold Madbucks are used to open up Gold Lucky Boxes from the BOXES menu. 24 Gold Madbucks are required to open 1 Gold Box.

Gold Boxes Can Contain T3 Car, T4 Car, T5 Car, T6 Car.


Finally there is fuel, the thing you need to actually race. You can get Fuel by leveling up, purchasing with Diamonds, or watching ads.

Fuel will also recharge over time.

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