Real Racing 3 Controller Support

For many mobile gamers, playing the game on the touch screen may not be ideal. So, many games such as Real Racing 3, have controller support.

Being able to play on your phone but with a controller is a major comfort for many. It also can help give you an edge in your races. But does Real Racing 3 have controller support?

Real Racing 3 Controller Support Availability

Real Racing 3 does indeed have controller support. However, the problem is that there's a lot of reported bugs reported in the controller setup. Connecting the controller is simple and straightforward. But some issues seemingly appear when it comes to playing the game itself.

Real Racing 3 has controller support!
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CONTROLLER SUPPORT: While many games don't offer it, full controller support is offered in the game, making it easy to set up!

The solution to this issue was discussed over the internet, such as the EA forums. The game was running just fine offline, so what solved the issue to some was starting the game without an internet connection. The developers addressed this bug in the past. However, they haven't patched it up just yet.

Controller Setups

Even though the controller support is there, you might want to set up your controller another way. Mario Kart Tour is one of those mobile titles that don't have controller support natively, for instance. So what you can use to get your controller working, is to use a touch screen emulator.

Using these emulators is a potential workaround for not having to deal with support issues. So that even you can even connect your controller to games that don't have controller support at all.

Real Racing 3 Glare Shot
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ACCESSIBILITY: Despite controller access being easily provided, there are other ways for you to reach the level of comfort you're looking for.

Connecting your controller to the game can heighten the experience for you, and it's easy to explain the interest many have in setting up their controllers. And if playing on the screen is the issue for you, you can always set up your game to play on PC.

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