Revhead Screeches Onto Xbox Today

Revhead comes to Xbox

Revhead comes to Xbox

Revhead is a true love letter to Australian revheads, Australia’s answer to car enthusiasts. After winning fans on PC, developer Creative Pudding has announced that Revhead is screeching onto Xbox from today.

Dedicated Revheads

Originally released on PC in 2017, Revhead sees players tasked with building and maintaining their own racing cars. With a storyline set in a small Australian village, it’s up to you to buy and build a racer from scratch.

Once you’ve built your racing machine, it’s time to put your motor where your mouth is out on track.

Revhead now on Xbox
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Revhead is designed for true car enthusiasts, and that really shows. Every component of the car is on show, with cars needing to be maintained using specific equipment. Even the game’s physics are meticulously detailed, with real-time dirt, rust and other complications affecting the car.

Component-based modular physics simulates the car out on track. Revhead has been developed by a team of car enthusiasts, and it’s clear to see the levels of passion that has gone into crafting this simulation title.

After taking the racing sim world by storm on PC, Creative Pudding has now brought Revhead to a whole new audience.

Revhead screeches onto Xbox

From today (4 September), Revhead is available to buy on Xbox. Priced at $19.99 (£15.84) It's also optimised for Xbox Series X|S.

The Xbox version of the game includes all the same features as the Steam version. This means players will have access to hundreds of customisation options for their cars, as well as Revhead’s story mode.

Revhead comes to Xbox
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This also includes the ability for players to choose to play as a mechanic, a racer, or even a car dealer depending on their expertise level.

Revhead could be seen as the Australian alternative to My Summer Car crossed with Car Mechanic Simulator. It's certainly one of the most unique racing games on Xbox. Now it’s arrived on Xbox, more players can head to the Outback to become the next Revhead.

You can buy Revhead on Xbox by clicking here.

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