RIDE 4: Bonus Pack 04 free DLC adds Daytona to the game!

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RIDE 4 is an incredible game for bike fans, and one that we've been playing since October.

The game has been updated with a host of free and paid DLC content, meaning the game is always exciting.

So, with this latest free DLC now out, let's take a look at what it contains!

Bonus Pack 04

This latest DLC pack is once again free for those who have the base version of the game.

Ride 4 Daytona
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FABLED: Daytona is a phenomenal addition to the game!

That's right, this is the fourth free DLC pack to make its way into the game for players, showing how much Milestone Studios really cares about its community.

This free offering adds the hallowed Daytona track as well as five new events for players. As such, there is plenty of content to get stuck into in the coming weeks!


The track will be making its way into the game for us riders to test our mettle.

Ride 4 CBR SP
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NEW ADDITIONS: Bonus Pack 03 added this beauty to the game for free!

The track is truly iconic, and along with 5 new events for us to blast through, it's fair to say this free DLC will keep us occupied for a fair while.

Our eyes are already turning to Bonus Pack 05! If it's free bikes you're after, unfortunately, this pack doesn't contain any. There was one in Bonus Pack 03 however...

Ride 4 Review


Ride 4 isn’t perfect by any means, but Milestone are listening to the community and making improvements to its gameplay. However, some of the old issues are still present, especially when it comes to the accessibility of the game.

Ride 4 PS5 TN
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RIDE 4: This is a must have for riders!

However, despite its flaws, this is still the best bike enthusiast game that money can buy and a must for those that into all motors on two wheels.

We're very excited to play Ride 4 on next-gen and to see what Ride 5 will offer in a few years' time!

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