Riders Republic Beta: The downhill game sure to leave you feeling on top of the world

The beta for the Riders Republic is now open to all. Luckily, we had the opportunity to jump into the Republic while the beta was still closed.

Now, we have to clarify that a beta still is not the final game, so there may be certain elements that change before the game's final release, and we also expect the final version to be even more enjoyable.

However, we were still blown away. Let's take a closer look now at Riders Republic and what's in store for you guys!


A good place to start with any game is the gameplay, and Riders Republic has a wide variety of it. With Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, road cycling, rocket suits, wing-suits, snowmobiles, and even rocket bikes all making an appearance, there really is something for everyone.

Riders Republic downhill bike
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HARD RACING: Each course will have you on the edge of your seat

Each of these disciplines feels unique from the other, with the controls perfectly adapted to each sport also. For those who struggle with the standard setup, there are also other control schemes for you to try which you may find easier.

With a variety of tricks available to each discipline, as well as unique modes tailored to each of the sports, the game really is incredibly rewarding. I also didn't feel like I was simply repeating the same race over and over with a different skin, which was refreshing.


The next thing many people notice after the way the game plays is how it looks. In fact, for some, it's the first thing they focus on.

Riders republic scenery
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LOOK AROUND: Taking a moment to view the landscape is highly rewarding

Well, there are no worries here, as the game is stunning. I played the game for a few hours and spent plenty of time in each area taking in the scenery.

The time of day changes, and it really is a phenomenal experience skiing with the sun setting over the mountains in front. Likewise, spending some time trying to master 'The Giant' (more on that later) with the sun beating down between the branches of the Pines was just as incredible.


I already mentioned briefly that each sport has its own modes tailored to the strengths of said sport. You won't have to be going down a ski slope on a mountain bike, don't worry! (However, you can if you want to when in free roam mode!)

Riders Republic Snowboard tricks
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TAKE TO THE SKY: You can trick your way down slopes all day

The game tends to rely on checkpoints that you have to cycle, ski, or fly through, but there are also downhill skill sections for skiing/snowboarding.

The game is also littered with intricate 'skinnies' as the mountain bike world would call them. These delicate wooden walkways require a heap of skill, sprinkled with a little determination and patience. They are, however, incredibly rewarding, and we highly recommend giving them a go.


The game is still in the beta stage, and there are plenty of features that we are sure the team will iron out before its full release.

However, there is one dreaded in-game feature that I'm a tad disappointed to see. These are microtransactions, as the game has a premium currency and one that you earn more frequently.

For what is already a £50 game, and with many titles opting to offer free in-game content and updates, I hope that these micro-transactions don't go on to become more prominent. Thankfully, these are only cosmetic at the moment...

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