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Rider's Republic gives thrillseekers a realistic getaway

We're not far away from the full launch of the highly-anticipated Rider's Republic.

Following the beta at the end of August, we have also learned of the studio's plans for the game, and even a 1-year roadmap of content.

Now, after a presentation from the team behind the game, we know even more about the incredible title. Let's take a closer look now!

Precision-built world

The game is two-fold in that players can hop from game mode to game mode, but likewise, there is the size of the open-world sandbox element as well. This allows players to practice everything from their downhill mountain biking to rocket-suiting.

riders republic eagle
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We know that the world in the game is based on major US National Parks. What we didn't know was how accurate these are to real life. Each rock and flow of land accurately represents the real-life location, within metres.

This means when you're rocketing down the side of a mountain for the first time, chances are someone else has been just there before but in the real world! It's a pretty awesome way of adding to the immersion in the title.

Content plans

Ubisoft has shared its plans for the future of the title, by revealing its 1-year plan. This comes in the form of seasons.

riders republic bikes
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These seasons will come with Limited-Time Events as well as exclusive cosmetics for players to try and unlock.

The second season, Showdown Time will introduce an entirely new game mode, Showdown, which will pit two teams of six against each other. So, Ubisoft is well prepared to keep us entertained throughout the game's lifecycle.


We do miss the beta of the game still. It was a great opportunity to try the title out, and we had a brilliant time flying, skiing, and cycling around the national parks.

riders republic valley
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There are a variety of control schemes which help to make the title more accessible, and for those who get the hang of it quickly, you can enable manual modes to really have full control of your character.

Thankfully, we know we don't have long to wait, as the release of the game is 28 October, which is just over 2 weeks away.

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