Riders Republic: Beta announced, release date, trailer, gameplay, pre-order, price, & more!

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2021 has been a bit of a slow year for games, and one of those that got caught up in delays was Riders Republic.

The planned massive mutliplayer wilderness thrill ride from Ubisoft was pushed back from a planned February release.

However, the game could soon be with us. What can we expect?

Latest news - Beta announced!

Excitingly, the beta for Riders Republic has been announced, and it's coming at us very soon.


With access to 3 different careers and a variety of multiplayer modes throughout the beta, there's plenty of content for you to enjoy.

The beta will be with us from 23rd August to 25th August and we can't wait!

Release date set!

Originally planned for February, Riders Republic was pushed back indefinitely, but it now has a release date once again.

The game is scheduled to land on 2 September, 2021.

With some amazing open-world adventures to be had on bikes, wingsuits, and more we can't wait to try it out.


A new trailer was unveiled at Ubiforward, and showed off some new gameplay.


From downhill biking to snowboard trickery and gliding through canyons it looks absolutely stunning.

Clearly the delay has allowed the full vision of the title to be created.

riders republic bikes
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RACE YOU TO THE BOTTOM: Take on huge races across the map

Price & Editions

Riders Republic comes in at £59.99 on console and £49.99 on PC via Epic Gaames Store.

However, that is just for the Limited Edition...

Gold Edition

For £84.99 you can get the Gold Edition. This includes the Year 1 Pass, which will give you access to everything the game has to offer in the first year.

riders republic valley
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IT'S NOT FLYING: It's falling... With style!

Ultimate Edition

For £99.99 you can grab the Ultimate Edition.

This not only includes the game and Year 1 Pass, but several cosmetic packs.

You get the Big Helico ticket Pack, Cosmic Pack, Neon Pack, Rainbow Pack, and Skull'n Style Pack.

As will any Ubisoft game, there are a number of retailer-specific editions out there too.


Pre-order bonus

If you pre-order any of these Editions you will also get the Bunny Pack.

riders republic pre order bonus
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STYLISH: Rider's Republic offers looks like no other game

This includes custom bunny outfit an snowboard graphic.


So what does Riders Republic look like? Well, an Ubisoft Forward trailer has given us a good feel for the game.


While this is mostly a cinematic trailer it does give a great sense of the freedom, customisation, and wild thrills players can expect from this game.


Riders Republic has a huge playground for everyone to enjoy, but it hasn't been plucked from thin air.

riders republic eagle
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TRICKY: Grind your way down the slopes

Ubisoft has faithfully recreated some of America's iconic National Parks like Yosemite, Mammoth Mountain, and Bryce Canyon and stitched them together into an enormous free roam world.


As an MMO, Riders Republic offers plenty of racing carnage for players.

Enjoy a full-fledge multiplayer experience with a wide variety of modes. It starts with competitive races and trick challenges, playable in solo, co-op, or PvP.

With Mass Starts, see 50+ players racers will take on a course with nothing off limits. Multiplayer arenas set up 6x6 team full of all sorts of challenges.

Career mode

This isn't just an MMO though, there is a career mode too.

Create and shape your own rider through evolutive, progression-based gear and define every aspect of your avatar. Whether you want to be the best snowboarder alive or the fastest thing on two wheels, everything is possible.

Make a name for yourself in a variety of sports, rise to the top of the leaderboard in career mode and sign with legendary sponsors from a wide range of outdoor action sports.

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