SBK 22 Editions: Exclusive pre-order edition available now

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SBK 22 thumbnail

It's official! We'll be getting a new Superbike game for the first time in ten years later this year. Pre-orders are now available for SBK 22, but what special editions are available for the game? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Standard Edition

SBK 22 Trailer
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The standard edition of SBK 22 can't be purchased right now, but it will be available post-launch. If you choose to not buy the game before launch date, you won't receive any extras.

However, those that buy the game on either PlayStation or Xbox will be able to play on both next and current-gen consoles. That means that if you buy on PS4 and upgrade to PS5 later, your copy of SBK 22 will work on both systems.

Pre-order Edition

The pre-order versions of the SBK 22 game include the VIP Multiplayer pack. The VIP Multiplier Pack multiplies the reputation points and the research data that you will earn in the game's career mode.

As for the price, the game retails for £32.99 on both PlayStation and Xbox. As for PC, we don't have a price just yet, but we imagine it will be similar.

Release Date & Trailer

SBK 22 was announced alongside the reveal of its announcement trailer. The announcement trailer is linked below for you to take a look at it:

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