SBK 22 Price: How much will the Superbikes game cost?

SBK 22 thumbnail

SBK 22 thumbnail

Last week brought great news for Superbike fans. SBK 22 will be released later this year, the first official game for the series for ten years. SBK 22 is being developed by Milestone, so its price at launch could be very reasonable.

We've got everything you need to know about SBK 22's cost right here in this article!

PlayStation prices

To make things simple for gamers, Milestone are only releasing one version of SBK 22. This is the standard edition, but you will get a bonus if you pre-order the game.

Those that pre-order on any system will gain the VIP Multiplier Pack. This will allow you to multiply the reputation points and the research data that you will earn in the career mode, speeding up your game progress even more!

Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya SBK 22
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As pre-orders are now live, we can give you the official price of SBK 22 on PS5 and PS4. Those that buy on one PlayStation system can play on the other for no extra cost. The price is set at £32.99, very cheap by today's standards.

Xbox prices

SBK 22 is also available on both Xbox systems. That means that both Xbox One and Series X will get SBK 22 as well. Just like on PlayStation, buying SBK 22 on one Xbox system will mean you get it on the other for no extra charge.

SBK 22 Misano
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The VIP Multiplayer Pack will be added to your game if you pre-order an Xbox copy as well. The price is also the same in the UK as well, £32.99 for pre-orders.

PC price

Finally, we have PC, which has SBK 22 available via its Steam Store. The VIP Multiplayer Pack is available to those that pre-order the game.

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Steam have the game available to wishlist, and it will be available soon with an actual price tag. As for now, we don't have a cost for this, but we imagine it'll be £32.99 if not a little less for PC.

SBK 22 Release date

SBK 22 will be released worldwide on September 15, 2022. SBK 22 will be released on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X|S and PC via the Steam Store.

The announcement for SBK 22 was made alongside the reveal trailer for the game. If you still haven't seen it, we've linked it below for you to have a watch:

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