SnowRunner: 3 best vehicles for Lake Kovd, Kola Peninsula

If you love A-B driving games, they don't come much better than SnowRunner! As part of the first DLC that dropped for SnowRunner, players were able to travel even deeper into the Russian wilderness. The Kola Peninsula's Lake Kovd is one of the maps available through the first DLC in the game.

Lake Kovd is a real challenge, not least because it's a frozen lake. One wrong move or turn can see you fall into the icy depths. We're here to help though and these are our three picks for the best vehicles to traverse Lake Kovd!

3 - Caterpillar 745C

The Caterpillar 745C is a beast of a vehicle and one that really comes in handy around Lake Kovd. While its fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability aren't anywhere the best available, it more than makes up for these with sheer grit.

Snowrunner Caterpillar CAT 745C
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HOW WE PICK OURSELVES UP: Even when you go through the ice, the 745C keeps going!

The 745C is one of the few vehicles that can rescue itself from the icy waters of Lake Kovd. This is hugely handy, as normally this all but ends your mission with most vehicles.

The CAT does have some downsides though, namely, its ability to get over rocks both small and large. The big nose on the 745C often snags against rocky surfaces and is difficult to fit through tight heavily forested areas. Additionally, you can't fit the largest trailers to the 745C, which limits the kinds of loads you can take.

2 - Navistar 5000-MV

The main issue with the Navistar 5000-MV, is that you can only unlock this vehicle if you pre-ordered SnowRunner. If you did so, though, this is an easy choice to help you across the frozen Lake Kovd.

Navistar 5000 MV Snowrunner
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SPEED DEMON: The Navistar 5000-MV is rapid over the frozen lake

The 5000-MV isn't the quickest over rough ground and through deep snow, but it will always power through. Where this vehicle really shines is over the frozen lake, as it can travel at around 60 mph (97 kph). Its lightweight nature also comes in handy because it will very rarely brake through the ice.

When this truck has a better gearbox, larger tyres and a higher suspension, it's one of the best for any job in the game. Fuel consumption is the Navistar's biggest downside though, as it drinks diesel when going over rocky ground.

1 - AZOV 42-20 Antarctic

Nobody does unstoppable vehicles like AZOV and the 42-20 is no exception. As the name suggests, it's designed for the ultimate winter environments that you'd find around the south pole. To unlock the 42-20, you have to be rank 26 or higher, there's no other way around it.

azov 42 20 antarctic snowrunner
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UNSTOPPABLE: The incredible 42-20 can chew up anything Lake Kovd can throw at it

Its huge tyres come in handy because not even the biggest rocks nor the deepest snow can stop the 42-20. The 42-20 can also drag itself out of a sticky situation by rescuing itself out of the icy waters of Lake Kovd. The 42-20 can haul almost any load there is out there, but it's not perfect by any stretch.

Its huge size means that going through tight alleyways and general manoeuvrability are tough. The 42-20 is also not the fastest vehicle around. You'll always get to your destination in one piece, but perhaps not as fast as you'd be hoping to.

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