SnowRunner: 3 best vehicles for Yukon, Canada

As part of the second round of DLC for SnowRunner, the Yukon region was added to the game. Canada's Yukon probably has the greatest variety in environmental conditions available in SnowRunner. This makes exploring extremely fun, but it's difficult to figure out which vehicle to choose for missions.

Never fear though, we're here to help! Here are our three picks for the best vehicles to use in Yukon!

3 - KRS 58 Bandit

Size isn't everything, especially in SnowRunner. The KRS 58 Bandit isn't the largest truck in the game, but it can handle most of the Yukon's rocky terrain. The bandit's eight-wheel design makes it ideal for getting over small to medium sizes rocks, while it can also handle steep inclines and declines very well.

Snowrunner KRS 58 Bandit
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NOT THE BIGGEST, BUT ONE OF THE BEST: The Bandit can handle most of what Yukon can throw at it

The Bandit's relatively small size comes in handy when crossing over narrow mountain passes, something you'll be doing a lot in the Big Salmon Peak sections of the map. You can also fit a crane to the back of the truck too.

Where the Bandit falls down slightly is in deep snow and across rivers. With bigger tyres and raised suspension, though, you can still get over most of these. There will be some sections though, that are simply impassable for a vehicle of this type and you'll need something bigger.

The fuel tank too, is a small 150 litres, but at least the fuel consumption is good on this truck, so mileage isn't usually a problem.

2 - Kolob 74760

Bigger tyres and a higher ride height make the Kolob 74760 a great choice for the Yukon. The 74760's 380L capacity fuel tank can tackle even the longest journeys with relative ease.

Snowrunner Kolob 74760
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THE BIG BOY: The Kolob 74760 is brilliant at taking the large loads where you need to go

Obviously, the Kolob isn't the fastest, not the nimblest. It's really in its element through the Flooded Foothills, where deep mud and rivers can halt the progress of smaller vehicles. Big Salmon Peak isn't where you want to be using this vehicle though, narrow mountain passes aren't its friend.

Surprisingly for a large truck, it's pretty good at going up or down big incline/ declines. The Kolob is also tough, minor scrapes and dings barely leave a scratch. Furthermore, the 74760 can cross through impressively deep water without the engine taking on damage or stalling.

1 - Ford F 750

North Americans love their pick-ups, and we think that the best vehicle for the Yukon is one of their favourite 4x4's. The Ford F 750 is probably the fastest vehicle in SnowRunner, but that doesn't mean it's poor over rough terrain.

Ford 750 SnowRunner
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MONSTER TRUCK: When fully kitted-out, there isn't much better than this pick-up truck

While the Ford cannot tackle the largest boulders and deepest snow in Yukon, it can handle 90% of the map with ease. Those obstacles rarely present themselves anyway, the only exceptions to this are the deep rivers, but you can usually find a bridge to work around them.

Converseley, the F 750 can fit through the narrowest mountain passes, making it fantastic to travel over Big Salmon Peak.

You'll need to upgrade the transmission, fit large tyres and a high ride height to tackle the Yukon. If you do though, the Ford is a no-brainer choice for SnowRunner. Obviously, only smaller loads can be carried by the F 750, but nothing in SnowRunner comes close to how fast it can travel.

The F 750's 140L fuel tank is huge for a vehicle of its size too. So, just like the Kolob, even the longest missions are doable in one trip.

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