SnowRunner: Best 3 vehicles for Taymyr, Russia

SnowRunner is one of the most challenging but rewarding driving games out there. The off-road driving simulator has a wide array of sandbox environments available to explore. One of the most difficult of these is Taymyr in Russia and choosing the correct vehicle to deliver your loads is crucial.

Never fear though, we've got you covered with our three picks for the best vehicle to tackle the Russian bear!

3 - ANK MK38

Outright speed isn't everything in SnowRunner, but it certainly helps when you've got a timer that you need to beat. Even without any upgrades, the MK38 glides over the bumps and mud thanks to it's beefy tyres and high ground clearance.

ANK MK38 SnowRunner
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BUMPS? WHAT BUMPS? The ANK MK38 makes mincemeat of almost everything you'll be facing in SnowRunner

If you do decide to modify the MK38, we recommend a better gearbox, a more powerful engine and larger wheels. Do that, and the MK38 will be able to handle anything Taymyr, Russia can throw at it.

The only downside to the MK38 is that it is prone to rolling over. Because of its high top speed and tall and thin design, it is like a double-decker bus at times, but without the counterweight to prevent rolling. Another potential setback is the fuel tank. At 200 litres, it's not the biggest, although the MK38 does have good fuel efficiency.

If you take it steady through the terrain with high gradients and plan your route accordingly, there isn't much better on the market than the MK38.

As for where the MK38 is located, Pedro Bay in Alaska is where you need to head to, to find it.

2 - Azov 64131

The word "boring" would be an accurate one to describe the Azov 64131, but that's not a bad thing. The 64131 is slower than most trucks in the game, but it is also one of the most stable, something you need in Russia. Where the MK38 has the tendency to roll over, the Azov is as steady as a rock.

Azov 64131 SnowRunner
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HAULIN' HEAVY: The Azov 64131 can tackle even the largest loads in the toughest of terrain

If speed runs are your thing, this isn't the truck for you. But, if you're wanting to get to your destination on time, the Azov 64131 is one of the most reliable rides available. With upgrades to the tyres, engine and gearbox, though, the truck does become faster and not a slouch by any stetch of the imagination.

Very steep inclines or declines though, can cause the Azov trouble, so be careful with those. But when you consider its cheap price to purchase in the shop, you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

1 - Tayga 6436

The truck that's probably the best in the game in general is the Tayga 6436. This is especially the case in Taymyr though, where its very steady ride will see you to your destination intact.

Tagya 6436 SnowRunner
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ALWAYS GETS THE JOB DONE: The Tagya is the most reliable vehicle in the game, it never lets you down

The Tayga's upgraded mud tyres are the best in the game, while its next level gearbox is excellent at pulling trailers of all sizes. Unlike the Azov 64131 as well, it has a good amount of speed to utilise. While not quite as steady as the Azov, it is very stable and thanks to this and it's not bordering on boring to drive.

Put simply, for Russia, this is the best compromise between speed and a stable ride. When in doubt, go Tayga!

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