SnowRunner: Best trucks to use, beginner trucks, Phase 4, & more!

SnowRunner is an off-road simulation title that features phenomenally hostile environments and some awesome, off-road action. In fact, Phase 4 is arriving this month and the game is coming to Switch and Steam!

One of the biggest features of the game is the huge variety of vehicles that you can use to tackle the environments that you're placed in.

So, here are some trucks which we think you need to be using to have the most success!

The ANK MK38

This may not be everyone's first choice, mainly due to its trend of, well, falling over. And that's not an exaggeration, the truck is tall and quite narrow, so don't approach any corners too quickly!

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The truck is full of positives, however, and it's these which put it near the top of our list of trucks you need to be using in SnowRunner. Not just for its huge tyres.

The truck also has some big ground clearance in order to ensure that you don't end up stuck anywhere, with gearing suitable for any terrain. It has a 200 fuel-limit, but don't let that put you off, as it has some awesome fuel efficiency.

The AZOV 64131

There is a good reason that this doesn't sit at number one on our list, and that's because it makes the game too easy. No, really, too easy.

SR Azov
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The truck is incredible when upgraded, and can even have a flatbed/sideboard bed and crane at the same time, making it even more versatile.

One drawback is the truck's speed. Unfortunately, it's incredibly slow, making missions tediously long at time. Don't worry however, as it's very likely you'll complete your mission with ease.

The Tayga 6436

This truck really does nail the 'all-rounder' category of SnowRunner, and let us explain why. Firstly, it's nearly as fast as the speed demon, AKA, the MK38.

SR Tayga
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It can be equipped with the best mud tryes in the game, and couple that with the speed, and you're on to one hell of a winner.

Unfortunately, it still has a tendency to tip due to having no maintenance addon, but that is a minor drawback. Naturally if you actually tip it will be a rather large drawback, but we're sure you won't.

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