SnowRunner Cosmodrome Upgrades: Location, compatible vehicles, & more!

Now that Season 4 has arrived in SnowRunner, and with more players picking up the game, many are wondering where to find all the upgrades in these maps.

One of those maps is Cosmodrome, which is still massive and has a number of elements to find. One of these is the upgrades.

So, let's take a look at how to find the upgrades in Cosmodrome!

Cosmodrome upgrade location

The location of the upgrade in the Cosmodrome map is towards to the top left, or the North-West corner of the map.

SR Cosmo Upgrade
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COSMODROME: The upgrade can be found in the North West corner of the map in SnowRunner!

This upgrade is an improved engine, which will prove incredibly useful in the tough terrain of the location as it lets you move around the map with less wear and while also using less fuel.

The durability isn't the best in the game, however, we assure you that the engine will still be an incredibly useful addition to your garage.

Compatible Vehicles

The upgrade is incredibly specific, and as such, can only be used with a single vehicle in the game.

SR Voron Grad
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THE BEAST: The Voron Grad has a number of upgrades for players to find!

The engine can be used with the Voron Grad, a lighter truck that is still capable of tackling a number of off-road environments. It also has other upgrades, such as Raised Suspension, which can make the truck even more useful.

Another advantage of the truck is that it is incredibly versatile. That means there are a huge variety of ways in which you can equip this vehicle and get it ready for action.

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