SnowRunner Season 4 OUT NOW: Year 2 Pass, Xbox Game Pass, Steam, & more!

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SnowRunner Season 4 is finally here!

As it rolls out across the platforms, Focus Home Interactive has given players plenty to do and to look forward to.

Now available across new platforms and with a roadmap for the future, SnowRunner is looking like quite the epic game.

Season 4 OUT NOW

Season 4 has landed on SnowRunner. The release coincides with the game arriving on Steam and Nintendo Switch, as well as now being free on Xbox Game Pass!

SnowRunner 2
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Season 4 is only available to those that have the Premium Edition or Year 1 Pass though, so if you are playing via Game Pass don't expect the new content to be there.

Season 4 contents

Season 4, dubbed New Frontiers, will feature some awesome new additions to the game.

There will be four new 4km2 mpas located in Amur Oblast in Russia, giving you the ultimate extreme weather test!

In Urska River there is a rocket assembly workshop, a power plant, and an abandoned village. You'll fined a launch pad in Cosmodrome, and a huge abandoned city in Northern Aegis Installation. Finally there is Cernokamensk, which contains a fuel processing facility.

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There are also a variety of new trucks coming to SnowRunner, adding to the massive vehicle list. They are as follows:

  • International HX520
  • GMC Brigadier 8000
  • ZIKZ 605R
  • Khan 317 Sentinel
  • Caterpillar CT681

Players will be tasked with restoring and rebuliding this old rocket launch facility as well as delivering three rocket parts. A crucial mission that will take all your skill to complete.

Year 2 Pass

Season 4 is the final step of the Year 1 Pass, but that doesn't mean SnowRunner is coming to an end.

The Year 2 Pass has been confirmed!

Laying out the roadmap for four more Seasons of content, players have plenty to look forward to over the next 12 months.

Anniversary DLC

Free for all players, regardless of how you are playing, the Anniversary DLC is bringing some new vehicles to the world of SnowRunner.

snowrunner anniversary dlc 2
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The CAT 681 and International HX 520 offer excellent all-round capability and durability, so you don't have to be too careful when using these beasts!

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