SnowRunner joins Xbox Game Pass as Season 4 drops!

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The latest Phase in the first year of content for SnowRunner is now here. This adds a host of cool trucks and new maps to the game.

As well as the game's Steam release, those wishing to play can even get the game through Xbox Game Pass for free.

So, let's take a look at this Xbox Game Pass version of the game now!

SnowRunner on Game Pass

Excitingly, the truck-based simulation title is coming to Xbox with the latest update, which is a brilliant way for more players to experience the awesome title.

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Unfortunately, for those of you looking at getting the game through the Game Pass, you won't be receiving all of the extra content. This also includes the Phase 4 content itself, which featured in the Year 1 Pass of the game.

The game says that it is 19GB, but reports are saying that 23.4GB of space is needed.

If you want any of the DLC or the content that's going to feature in the Year 2 Pass of the title, you'll have to pay extra for it. However, of course that's worth it given the amount of content you'll receive!

Phase 4

The last part of the Year 1 content is here, bringing a number of new tracks to the game as well as new maps and as such a new way to play.

SnowRunner 2
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One of these additions is the Zikz 605R. This beast is looking like it's here to take the crown of best trucks in the game.

We also have new objectives in an entirely new map, which looks incredible.

SnowRunner Year 2


The game itself has just finished its first year of content with Phase 4. Seasons 5-8 are now announced as well and ready for players to explore.

SR 1
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It costs £20.99 and will include 4 new phases of content again, with new trucks and maps being added.

Working out at roughly £5.25 per season, this sounds like a good deal to us!

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