Taxi Chaos: Title arrives on PS4, release date, gameplay & more!

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We're just as much a fan of stunning, real-life inspired sim racers as we are of the good ol' put your feet up whacky racing games.

One such game coming to PS4 is Taxi Chaos, and we can't wait to get hands-on with it.

So, let's take a look at Taxi Chaos, the release date, and what the game is all about!

Release Date

The game, excitingly, is launching tomorrow, February 23, for all those with a PlayStation 4.

Taxi Chaos 1
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NEW MAP: The map has been redesigned completely!

The nearly forgotten about classic has been revamped to add new and exciting elements to the gameplay (more on those later).

For now, make sure to have the PS Store open tomorrow so you're ready for the game to drop, and so you're ready to get playing asap!


As I mentioned earlier, some exciting new mechanics have made their way into the game.

Taxi Chaos 2
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PASSENGERS GALORE: There are a host of new passengers!

The biggest of these is the ability to jump. That's right, jumping, in a taxi! Now that really will be chaos...

This is coupled with new roads littered throughout the redesigned map that will provide players with an opportunity to make some time. You just have to look out for the green scaffolding, who knows what you might find!


With the addition of jumping, you can now drive on the roofs of many buildings, and who knows who you may find...

Taxi Chaos 3
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GET JUMPING: The new jumping ability adds an exciting element to the game!

The developers have added a number of personalities and new characters, with a number of unique voices as well as dialogue.

This makes each journey you complete different, as you could be picking up anyone from a plumber to a rockstar on those streets!

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