Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer: Watch the new 'The Explorer' trailer

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Trailer

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After more than a decade of waiting, the first Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer blew us all away. One of the original open-world racing franchises disappeared without a trace in the 2010s before bursting back onto the scene with Solar Crown's first trailer in 2020.

Since then we have seen a lot of cinematic trailers showing off the vibe KT Racing is going for, but the game is still yet to hit the shelves. Fans everywhere are keen to dive back into Test Drive Unlimited as the open-world genre has started to become stale in racing.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will look to bring the thrill back to open-world racing and revive fans that have grown bored of Forza Horizon.

Latest news - Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown The Explorer trailer

Nacon Connect 2024 has brought a new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer, as well as providing a better idea as to the release window of the game.

The new trailer, The Explorer, shows off the off-road driving available in the game, with a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo seen blasting through the jungles of Hong Kong Island. As the Taycan speeds by, other players are shown also racing alongside.

Check out the new The Explorer trailer below:

The Explorer trailer has also given us a better idea as to the game's release window. Despite no exact date being given, the description of the trailer confirms a 2024 release window.

The Racer trailer

A new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown trailer has arrived, this time focusing on racing and customisation. We get to see an aggressive-sounding Corvette ZR1 charge through the streets of Hong Kong Island, race a rival in an Instant Challenge, and get customised in a workshop.

The Cruiser trailer

Cruising is a core part of the TDU experience. The latest TDUSC takes you on a cruise in an Alfa Romeo 4C taking in the sights of Hong Kong Island.

Gameplay reveal

After months of silence, Nacon released a long-awaited gameplay reveal showcasing YouTubers playing as The Sharks and The Sharps clans racing around Hong Kong Island.

Together We Drive trailer

A new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown "Together We Drive" trailer was revealed during the Nacon Connect presentation with a first look at the in-game Hong Kong. Sadly, very little gameplay was shown - much to the frustration of fans.

Location Trailer

Excitingly, we've finally seen the location for the game, and it's Hong Kong.

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The latest trailer for the game showcases more of the location, as well as a closer look at the cars that will be making an appearance.

Cinematic trailer

The first trailer, which we saw almost a year ago, gives us an idea of the game that we'll get our hands on.

The trailer shows that the developers are sticking true to the Test Drive formula of exotic locations in even more exotic cars, and it looks awesome.

If this initial trailer is anything to go by, we're also going to have an incredible-looking game with a host of elite brands.

Release date

We were looking forward to playing Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, but we'll have to wait longer for Kylotonn's open-world racer to arrive.

TDUSC was originally supposed to launch in September 2022 before being delayed until early 2024.

The latest trailer doesn't confirm a release window, but TDUSC is still on track for a 2024 release.

The extra development time will enable Kylotonn to make TDUSC the “most polished gaming experience in the franchise,” so it should be worth the wait.

As for platforms, the PS4 and Xbox One versions are cancelled, meaning Kylotonn can pour more resources into the current-gen versions and maximise the game's potential. TDUSC will launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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