The Crew 2 - Season 2 moves into Episode 2: The Game!

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If you're a fan of titles like Need for Speed Underground, then chances are The Crew 2 is right up your street.

3 years on from release, The Crew 2 is still receiving huge updates and a lot of fresh content.

This latest content addition lands on 12 May, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on Episode 2: The Game ahead of time.

Let’s take a spoiler-free look at what is in store for players with the latest content drop!

The Game

Following on from The Agency, you will be treated to one of the craziest productions that Motorflix has ever decided to create.

TC2 The Game 1
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With pure entertainment your only goal, and gravity your best friend, the latest episode sees you performing ridiulous tricks on even crazier courses. Make sure to get those tricks in, as you'll need a high score!

As well as the new episode, the team behind the game has also made sure to release a number of fixes to polish the game and keep improving it.


This latest episode comes with a new motorpass that adds a huge variety of content to the game, and an awesome new incentive to play.

There are 50 tiers for players to progress through, each tier providing an exciting reward for players to show off.

This time, that includes 4 new vehicles, 28 new vanities, 3 motorstars packs and even 350k bucks. That's a lot of rewards for players to be excited about!


The vehicles in Episode 2 of this season are the whackiest seen so far. Take, for example, the free vehicle from the Motorpass.

TC2 The Game 2
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This is the Tkachencko Ice Hunter, which has been designed by Russian artist Andrei Tcachencko. The retro-futurist style of the car doesn't resemble any current brands, and truly is one of a kind. It's also an ice cream truck...

Other cars include Shelby GT500 1967 Americar Edition, the Chevrolet Grand Sport Armored Edition, and the Volkswagen Kombi High School Edition. Each of them is a beast.

Release date

All of this content arrives for players on May 12, and will be available as a free update for all players.

This includes the 5 new events every two weeks, which will help keep the game fresh throughout the episode.

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