The Crew 2 - The Agency Preview: A thrill ride well worth your time

Growing up as fans of Need for Speed Underground and similar titles, games like The Crew 2 are right up our street.

3 years on from release, The Crew 2 is still receiving huge updates and a lot of fresh content.

Season 2 of the game kicks off on 17 March, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on Episode 1: The Agency ahead of time.

Let's take a spoiler-free look at what is in store for players with the latest content drop!

The Agency

Season2 kicks off where Season 1 left off, with Motorflix once again approaching you. You're playing the lead again in a new series of episodes.

TC2 1
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AN ELITE CREW: The Agency has some pretty awesome characters!

You're tasked with racing across cities to locations that have been marked by your Nemesis, aptly named, 'The Shadow'.

It's never that simple however. When making your way to these locations, your nemesis will do everything in his power to slow you down.

New content

There is a massive variety in the new content coming to The Crew 2 also. The most notable addition are a number of convertible vehicles.

TC2 2
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BENTLEY... WITH WINGS: Perform some incredible stunts throughout the episode!

These include the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar at Tier 49, which is a brilliant car to drive. For classic fans, there is also the Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster from 1961.

Joining the new cars in the game are various new vanities. In fact, there 46 of them, including some pretty awesome themed items.

New modes

With this new season, 5 new events are making their way into the game, accessible from the map or the main activity menu.

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NEW ADDITIONS: Some pretty awesome new content is joining the game!

These will all be unique versions of the stunt game mode, where the defining element is height. This first episode of season 2 is all about jumps, ramps, and driving on rooftops.

This will change each episode, where a new unique and exciting game mode will join the game. We're already excited to see what other versions join in coming episodes.

The Live Summit

This is a way for you to compete against the rest of The Crew 2 players and show off your skills. Finish in certain positions to be placed in a rank.

Here, your skills are proven in PvE modes where your car really matters. Make sure you've upgraded it!

This really means that you have to sink some hours into the game. We really liked this aspect, as it rewards those who have played plenty of The Crew 2!

The Agency release date

The new content will drop on 17 March, so make sure you are ready to conquer the challenge!

With so many new cars to drive and challenges to take on it's an exciting time to be playing The Crew 2!

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