The Evolution of Racing-Themed Slot Machines: From Cars to Jackpots

The Evolution of Racing-Themed Slot Machines: From Cars to Jackpots

The Evolution of Racing-Themed Slot Machines: From Cars to Jackpots

Racing games and casino slots have a few things in common. The gameplay might be drastically different, but both genres can be very exciting, fun, or even cathartic. So, it’s not too surprising that there are many race car slots that were inspired by popular racing games. Nowadays it’s easy to find slots racer games if you play on online casinos NZ that are available on iCasinoReviews. This is one of the fastest ways to find multiple operators that are reliable, have a great selection of games, and have interesting bonuses.

Here we will primarily focus on racing-themed slots, and how they have changed over the years. We will also go over the reasons for those changes and mention a few examples of the games that are worth checking out.

Modern Online Slots with Driving Theme

Most of the modern racing slots are designed around a driving theme. This means that designers want to deviate from traditional mechanics and add features that have to do with racing. Unfortunately, they are also limited when it comes to core mechanics, so the majority of these unique features are added to the bonus rounds. Some popular examples of race car slots are:

  • Mega Moolah 5: Reel Drive
  • The Wild Chase: Tokyo Go
  • Green Light Slot
  • Good to Go

There are many others out there and you can find them on the top paying online casino list from iCasinoReviews. After all these games are only fun if you know you can win real money, and having quick access to your winnings is paramount. Moreover, if you plan on playing games with big jackpots it’s in your best interest to choose one of these operators. They have been around for some time and have handled big payouts in the past.

Early Slot Machines with a Racing Theme

Early or classic slots were very similar to one another. They might have had a different theme, but the core mechanics and symbol interaction were almost identical. This means that the theme didn’t play a significant role in terms of symbol interaction, it only affected the symbol design.

A great example of an older game would be Speed Racer slot machine by Aristocrat. It was released back in 2004, and it had a cartoony design that almost looked like older Japanese anime. Additionally, there was a screen in the upper part of the machine where the main character was driving his car across the highway. Many casino enthusiasts who love retro games own this machine, as it was a big hit back in the day.

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Innovative Racing-Themed Slots

Certain game studios have decided to go above and beyond when it comes to themed slots. They wanted to craft different experiences while still using the original design formula or algorithm as the base. NetEnt’s Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a great example of this. Here you collect certain symbols to fill up your Nitro gauge and then you also get to race against other drivers. This race happens in the bonus round, and once you beat the opponent you can get more rewards and move on to the next one.

In other words, they tried to incorporate some form of storytelling into their slot game. Moreover, they have introduced different characters so that the whole thing is immersive. This is something racing games have done as well. If you look at modern releases they have a story mode with cinematics to get players more invested. They want to create memorable characters rather than solely focus on adding new cars. Slots however are designed to be mini-games, but Drive: Multiplier Mayhem still deserves praise for trying to do more.

The Evolution of Racing-Themed Slot Machines: From Cars to Jackpots
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The Evolution of Racing-Themed Slot Machines: From Cars to Jackpots

Car Slot Machine and Games in Land Based Casinos

It’s worth pointing out that we haven’t seen drastic changes in online slots for some time now. These games need to run on internet browsers and that requires developers to work in a HTML framework. So, until better hardware becomes more accessible, and until we get new and improved browsers things won’t change drastically.

Arcade machines on the other hand are a different story. Developers have more freedom here and they can actually turn slots into an authentic racing experience. Running Rich Reels is a car slot machine in Vegas that features a wheel as a controller. Furthermore, you play both the regular slot game and the racing mini-game using that wheel. In a way, the game combines both skill and luck, and it’s a satisfying gameplay experience if you love regular racing video games.


As you can see both online and land-based slot machines have changed, over the years. However, these changes are more evident in the arcade machines because developers have fewer constraints. The racing video games have significantly changed as well. Nowadays they offer more customization options, and they usually have a story mode for improved single-player experience. This is another thing that slots are trying to imitate to an extent. It will be fun to see future innovations in this category, especially when VR technology becomes more mainstream.

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