New sim-racing movie promises to help bring the hobby to the masses!

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Over the course of lockdown, many of us have turned to the internet to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as for entertainment.

For some, this has been through sim-racing. In fact, we have even seen huge events such as Virtual Grand Prixs to see us through the pandemic.

Now, one director is bringing sim-racing to the big screen. Let's take a look at the movie now, and when we can expect to watch it!

The Sim Racer

The film is going to focus on a sim-racer who needs to find some cash quickly in order to stop the bank from foreclosing on his house. In fact, he needs a whopping $10,000!

TSr 1
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In an attempt to earn this money, the plucky racer decides to enter a sim-racing tournament and raise the cash needed to save his home.

The film is penned as a comedy/drama, so expect some laughs as our protagonist aims to beat the competition in their first tournament. Excitingly, filming for the Amazon Prime movie has already finished, so it's already in post-production!

Sim Gear

Unfortunately for those die-hard sim-racers out there, it doesn't seem like your high-end Fanatec gear will be shown off.

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Initial pictures from the set seem to show one of our main characters using a Logitech G29 on a wheel racing stand, certainly not the motion rig some of you may be used to.

That being said, with only a few pictures available so far, it is very possible that we will see more gear in other scenes of the film.

Release date

If all of this talk of a sim-racing movie has you excited to watch one, don't fear, as it doesn't appear you'll have too long to wait!

iRacing Damage
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In terms of the trailer, which will feature a number of clips from the film itself, we can expect to see that toward the end of this year.

Excitingly, The film is expected to arrive soon afterward. As such, we'll be able to watch 'The Sim Racer' very soon, with the team behind the film estimating a final release date of early next year, 2022.

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