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Tarkov is one of the most popular online games in the genre of military simulator and full-fledged survival battle royale. You will fight with different squads alone, or with friends, and only your gaming skills and ability to maintain disguise and find useful items will determine your degree of survival in this game.

It is worth highlighting a few important tips that will help you win more often and get stable tarkov leveling.

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Insure all valuable property

Tarkov operates on the principle - death - loss of everything, which means that all your valuable equipment, weapons and other equipment are simply stolen. But there is a way out - insurance. You pay money so that local NPCs will keep certain things in the event of your death. This is very convenient and allows you to keep full-fledged assault rifles with good accessories even in the event of death, although it is not cheap.

Don't take bad ammo

In the first couple of days, when you just go out into combat with a minimum of weapons, you may have a strong desire to pull everything that comes to hand, including cartridges. But the latter are the most dangerous tool in Tarkov boosting. A bad or rusty cartridge can cause a wedge, which will block your shooting, so it’s better not to take one - they cost little, but they will cause a lot of problems.

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Look for a flash hider and sight

In the first few days, your starting weapon and the one that ends up in your hands first are of little importance, but what accessories you will have for it are much more important.

A flash suppressor will help to completely camouflage the location of your shooting, and if the enemy does not see you visually, then the chance that he will identify you and start returning fire is not great, especially when you practice shooting accurately.

Sights play a key role in such huge areas where Escape from Tarkov leveling takes place - you need to see groups of enemies in advance and conduct reconnaissance in order to safely approach areas where you can get valuable trophies. Getting the loot is not enough, it still needs to be taken to a peaceful zone, so sights and flash suppressors are equipped first of all - in order to safely conduct combat and reconnaissance.

Aim for the body

Many players often forget that when we talk about Escape from Tarkov, we are talking about a full-fledged military simulator, where the bullet has its own ballistics, or, more simply, it always falls down. That is, you need to aim slightly higher than the target depending on the distance and terrain conditions in order to hit the enemy. As you can understand, hitting the head in this way is not only difficult without the necessary equipment, but also impractical - you can simply miss, give away your position and die if the enemy is a stronger shooter.

By aiming for the body, you give yourself a margin for error. If you take it higher than necessary, you will hit him in the head or neck, if lower, then in the legs and force the enemy to waste time searching or using medicines, or you will attract allies to him and finish them off, as military snipers often do.

Keep two types of weapons and ammo for them

We are talking about two assault weapons with different cartridges and tasks. Essentially, you should have an assault rifle and a ranged weapon that you can quickly switch to and continue the Tarkov boost.

Most often, of course, you will have battles at short and medium distances, but as you master the game mechanics, you will begin to come up with your own cunning methods of setting up ambushes and reconnaissance of the area.

Long-range weapons allow you to detect enemies earlier and take measures to eliminate them, especially if they found rare loot, because after killing you can come up and take away everything that the player had without insurance at the moment.

In any case, these will be important cartridges, possibly a bulletproof vest and helmet, sights, weapons

Practice cold-blooded shooting

Jitters when shooting is normal, especially in a game that is new to you, but you need to gradually get rid of this trait if you want to really develop and get a stable Tarkov boost.

The first thing to do is to understand that shooting is divided into three types:

  1. Single fire is aimed shooting, which often begins with the fact that you are the one who starts the battle, and with good accuracy and equipment, such a shot often becomes fatal for the enemy. Single shooting is used at long distances, because at close range initiative and fire suppression already work and here there is no longer accuracy.
  2. Firing in bursts, or three rounds at a time, is a deadly and accurate combination that increases the chances of success due to the number of bullets, and if all three hit, then the chances of surviving are absolutely minimal. Usually they shoot like this at medium distances while kneeling, or from a prone position, because you need to set the correct and accurate direction, otherwise within 10 such bursts you will run out of cartridges.
  3. Automatic fire, or spray - many beginners start with this and finish with experienced shooters. The only difference is in efficiency. The newbie will just randomly release all the ammo, indicate his position and will be killed since no damage was done to the enemy. Another thing, if you use a spray, is understanding the principle of the dispersion of a bullet in a given weapon and using it to your advantage. For example, if you lower the muzzle slightly below the target and take it to the left, you can simultaneously fire many successful rounds at the target in a controlled and chaotic manner.

With the last type of shooting you need to be especially careful and careful and not use it if there is an urgent need, for example a spontaneous skirmish with an enemy, or if you are opposed by a group of opponents who are next to each other and very close to you.

Burst shooting is the most optimal format for all types of distances, except for the farthest ones, of course. Single fire will help train composure and aim while waiting for your target.

Look for an opportunity to get into the laboratory

From time to time, in places where loot accumulates in the Escape from Tarkov, you will come across access cards, which are of great value among loot seekers during the Tarkov leveling.

This card will give you access to a secret laboratory, which contains a lot of valuable equipment, in particular left by the military, and you can take from there everything that you can carry and evacuate, but be careful - you can still die and lose all the equipment obtained in the laboratory.

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