Top Virtual Racing Games to Earn Money

The popularity of virtual racing on modern gaming platforms is beyond doubt. In most online casinos, you can find a large selection of titles with top-notch graphics, amazing sound effects, and total immersion in the gameplay.

However, virtual racing is not only a perfect way to keep the adrenaline and excitement high. It can also be a perfect solution for getting extra income. Interested? Then scroll down and find out everything you need to know on this topic.

The Best Racing Games to Earn Money

The variety of racing games in the current gambling market is fairly impressive. On the one hand, it gives you freedom of choice. But on the other hand, some players may be confused about their way of picking the best game. If you are among them, then below you can find a brief review of 3 top-notch titles you can try right away.

Nitro League Game

Nitro League Game
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Nitro League is a decentralised game where you can earn a serious profit while enjoying the dynamic racing process within the metaverse. You can become one of the players who unite in a national clan system to gain access to the races. To do this, you need to make a certain contribution.

The game has implemented a system of ranks, which directly depends on your reputation points. You can freely change the location or clan; however, in doing so, you will lose some of the attribute bonuses and the location itself (they both are unique). Points are awarded if you succeed and are annulated if you fail. Additionally, you can lose your rank if you reach a certain level in a crypto game and then decide to stop playing.

REVV Racing Game

Revv RAcing Game
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This arcade racing game allows you to earn money using the Polygon blockchain. The game is developed by Animoca Brands, which has been actively involved in the creation of The Sandbox and other blockchain projects and games.

In addition to being the world's first blockchain-based arcade racing simulation game, REVV Racing is also the 1st 3D game with the ability to change first and third-person views and angles. To play successfully, you need to control the virtual machine in real-time, which you can do using Xbox, PlayStation, or a keyboard controller.

Notably, all game assets are NFTs and belong to you. You can explore the entire NFT collection on the OpenSea resource. Remember that to start playing, you need a car that you can either buy or win in regular contests.


Pegaxy Game
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This is an eye-catchy P2E game where you race and compete against 11 other racers for the first three places. You can not only sell or rent your pegasi, but you can also breed them to earn VIS tokens. It is noteworthy that the game has the possibility of interbreeding when Pega receives traits from its parents.

The first reproduction costs approximately $500, while for the seventh one, you must pay about $9,000. In the game, you can join or participate in creating large guilds and scholarship programs. And, of course, you can earn money by participating in daily races.

Virtual Racing

Virtual racing is a large part of the games industry that is actively developing and allows you to compete for serious cash prizes. Below you can find out about the main tournaments and events in virtual racing in which you can participate.

Virtual Racing Tournaments at Real Casino Sites

Some online casinos offer virtual Xcar and Xcross racing games based on real-life sports events and even hold virtual racing tournaments, only if it is legal and allowed by law. For instance in New Zealand racing fans and gamblers can select online casinos and play for money in order to enjoy race car themed-slots and other great pokies which provide an exceptional gaming experience. If you are a fan of virtual racing tournaments, then you should pay attention to the following ones.

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  • Le Mans Virtual Tournaments. This is an impressive tournament that reaches a multi-million audience from all over the world.
  • Virtual Formula 1. This game similarly reproduces conditions of real races that you can enjoy using multiple betting markets.
  • FIA Gran Turismo Championships. This FIA-accredited tournament attracts thousands of Vracing fans from all over the world.

This is only a small list of events you can enjoy almost on any online platform.

Esports Racing Events

Among the top virtual racing events, the following are worth noting.

  • eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series. This tournament is one of the longest-running official series, where 40 of the best riders compete on oval tracks.
  • WRC eSports. This year, the championship returns after a long downtime due to the coronavirus. As always, the competition is open to everyone as long as you own WRC 10 on PlayStation, PC, or Xbox. Qualification for the tournament takes place over 13 game rounds from January to August, and the top 10 results are counted.
  • ADAC GT Masters Esports Championship. This is one of the biggest championships, with €70,000 up for grabs in a season of 12 races and six events with many new rules and a revised broadcast format to be expected.

Nowadays the rise and success of esports gambling is notable in many countries. Esports gambling as well as esports racing events gain new level of popularity worldwide. Register on a reputable online betting site for more events, and pick the one that fully meets your requirements.


Virtual racing is currently a perfect solution for both online casinos and thrill-seekers. You are free to choose among dozens of events and tournaments all year round to get big wins and a lot of emotions.

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