Tour de France 2021: New My Tour feature revealed, release date, & more!

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We've taken a look at Tour de France 2021 before, and we're still incredibly excited for its release this year.

Now, that excitement has increased as a new mode has been announced for the title, My Tour.

Let's take a look at this feature now, and what we can expect it to add to the cycling simulation title!

My Tour

The new mode will allow players to build their own events from scratch, giving the mode its 'My Tour' moniker.

Excitingly, this will allow us to select from any of the 89 existing stages, and build our own Tour to put the riders through their paces.

We can select from any of the Time Trials, Mountain Stages and world-renowned Classics such as Paris to Roubaix. Just be sure to include the odd rest day so those riders don't burn out!

Tour de France 2021

The simulation title will put the player in the thick of the action, as they're thrust into the peloton as a rider in one of the top Tour de France teams.

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The game includes the official Tour de France route, a complete redesign of the awesome My Tour mode, a new recovery mechanic, more realistic peloton and a huge range of equipment.

Tour de France 2021 will be the most realistic title yet, with the plethora of features added helping to increase that realism.

Release Date


The game has an initial release date of June 3 this year, with a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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We can expect a release for the next-gen consoles later, but we don't yet know when that is. So, players with a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, don't worry!

We can expect the next-gen consoles to boast the normal upgrades over last-gen. This includes faster loading times, smoother refresh rate, and better visual quality.

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