Formula E Coming to Trackmania This Month

Formula E Coming To Trackmania

Formula E Coming To Trackmania

In an unexpected move, Ubisoft has confirmed that Formula E is coming to Trackmania game this month. This partnership will be bringing Formula E cars, liveries, tracks, and even races to Trackmania.

Electric racing

Formula E advertises itself as one of the most environmentally friendly races in the world. Drivers strap themselves into fully electric cars to race around the streets of some of the biggest cities across the globe, including New York, Rome, Tokyo and London.

Trackmania Formula E
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Credit: ABB Formula E

High-octane racing is always delivered in Formula E, with epic overtakes, spectacular crashes, and nail-biting tension every time the motors fire up. The series also boasts one of the best driver lineups out there, with former Formula 1 drivers Stoffel Vandoorne, Pascal Werhlein, and Nyck de Vries all part of the 2024 grid.

While there is still no sign of a standalone Formula E game coming anytime soon, fans can get their Formula E fix in Trackmania soon.

Formula E coming to Trackmania

Formula E has announced a partnership with Trackmania, with the 2024 Formula E season coming to the game. This includes 12 car skins, three exclusive tracks, a new game mode, and even a lucrative championship with an impressive cash prize.

Trackmania Formula E
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For the cars, ten new liveries will represent the individual 2024 teams, with two Formula E showcase liveries also coming as part of the package. Whether you’re an Andretti fan or a McLaren follower, your favourite electric racer will be available to race.

As for the tracks, Berlin, London, and Tokyo have all been adapted for Trackmania. Racing around the streets of Tokyo under the lights, charging around the airport circuit of Berlin, or hitting the shadows of the world’s first indoor-outdoor track in London will never feel so good than behind the wheel of a Formula E car.

The Formula E game mode will feature both energy conservation and Formula E’s unique Attack Mode, a feature that adds extra power to your car for 90 seconds. Formula E coming to Trackmania is exciting enough, but the new championship coming as part of the partnership is even more electrifying.

Trackmania Formula E Championship

The Trackmania Formula E Championship takes place across all three Formula E tracks coming to Trackmania. Kicking things off is Tokyo, with three races taking place across the last weekend in March.

Trackmania Formula E Championship
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The championship then moves to Berlin, with races taking place between 11-15 May. London rounds things off between 20-24 July, coinciding with the real-world Formula E season finale.

Players can read more about the Trackmania Formula E Championship here.

Players don’t need to register to take part. All you need to do is join the dedicated server in the Formula E club to play the qualifications. Players mulling over whether to race or not should be swayed by the reward for winning. Each race pays the winner €1,000 , with the top three at the end of the championship receiving an extra €1,000.

Formula E will be charge onto Trackmania on 30 March. A test race for the Formula E Championship is being held on 23 March at 8 pm CET.

Are you excited to see Formula E coming to Trackmania? Let us know in the comments below!

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