Trackmania: Matchmaking 3v3 beta is now online, Changelog & more!

Trackmania has the perfect blend of replay factor and simultaneously inducing rage.

We loved the game, so much so that we streamed it over on our Facebook page for the first time on Tuesday!

The developers behind the game have come up with a 3v3 matchmaking system, and it's out now!

Latest News - changelog

The matchmaking mode is already receiving updates, and here are today's changes!

  • Added a sound when your match is ready
  • Increased the finish timeout at the end of each round
  • Fixed multiple focus and navigation issue in the matchmaking menu
  • Fixed the progress bar issue where it would display "1000/1000" for example
  • Fixed the time difference in live ranking. They now show the milliseconds correctly
  • Added the possibility to click on the match id in order to set it in your clipboard
  • Fixed colors of the time gap UI
  • Fixed an issue where you would rejoin your match after leaving it
  • Fixed an issue with the length of the text "match starts in..."

Matchmaking system

According to the recent Trackmania post, this mode has been designed "for players with a competitive spirit".

Trackmania 3v3 1
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MULTIPLAYER ACTION: This matchmaking is still in beta!

To top it all off, the mode will also be available for all those with Starter Access for free!

It is important to note that the mode is still in beta phase. As such, any issues that you notice should be reported on the forum, so that the devs can get to work on fixes.

How it works

In the Live section on the dashboard of the game, you will now see a tab called Matchmaking Beta.

Click this, and you'll be put into a lobby. For now, the lobby can only be filled with strangers, with friend invites coming very soon according to the team behind the game.

Trackmania 3v3 3
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LOBBY: The lobby screen looks like this in game!

Once you're ready, you simply click play to race. For now, the lobbies will be built using your rank, and teammates/opponents will be of the same/similar rank.

The ranks go form Unranked at 0 points to Trackmaster at 5,000 points (Although this is in fact the Top 10 from each region).

MVPs receive extra points towards their rank, who can be from the winning or losing team.

The Racing

The race will take part on a current map of the current campaign. You'll have a 30 second warm up to familiarise yourself with the track.

Following that, you'll be off for one lap, with that single lap and laptime contributing to your teams points haul.

Trackmania 3v3 4
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TEAMS: Teams are created based on rank!

Based on what time you manage, you'll receive a set number of points - with the fastest lap you'll receive 6 points, second will get you 5 points and so on to sixth.

To win the match, you'll need to win 5 rounds!

What if someone leaves?

There are already parameters in place to avoid people leaving matches and ruining them. However, you can leave a match and rejoin before the end if you must.

If players do leave, the points system is adjusted down to allow the teams to remain competitive.

For example, if the teams go to a 2v3, points awarded are then 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. This means that there are just 4 players scoring points to allow the diminished team to compete.

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