Trackmania Spring 2024 Campaign Adds 25 New Tracks

Trackmania Spring 2024 Campaign Adds 25 New Tracks

Trackmania Spring 2024 Campaign Adds 25 New Tracks

Spring has well and truly arrived, and there’s a brand new set of tracks coming to Trackmania too. Players can now get stuck into 25 new circuits in the game as part of the Spring 2024 Campaign, which also brings a whole host of changes and fixes to Trackmania.

New season, new tracks

Trackmania’s Spring 2024 Campaign celebrates the arrival of spring with a whopping 25 new tracks. Each new circuit has been built using the 240 new blocks recently added to the game.

Trackmania Spring 2024 Campaign Adds 25 New Tracks
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Along with the new tracks, the new Rally Car is also included with the Spring 2024 Campaign. As the name suggests, this car offers more of a rallying dynamic to the racing, with a more slippery feel when cornering.

Combined with the new tracks, the Spring 2024 Campaign provides a true rallying experience for players. Narrow dirt roads, hilly, medieval landscapes, and European-themed castles adorn each circuit, creating an experience unlike any other in Trackmania.

New trophies and 100 new medals are also available for players to unlock as part of the new campaign. There’s also the new Prestige Skin for players to unlock through winning medals and through Tracks of the Day.

Trackmania Spring 2024 Campaign patch notes

Along with all the new content, Trackmania’s Spring 2024 Campaign also brings a range of gameplay changes and bug fixes. These range from fixing Map Editor crashes to adding a checkpoint counter to the racing UI.

Check out the full Trackmania Spring 2024 Campaign patch notes below:


  • Added
    • Added CastleRoad Diag chicanes
    • Added low frequency _X2 textures on penalty surfaces (neutralized by default, can be modded to add large scale patterns like in TM²)
  • Fixed
    • Fixed Map Editor Crash with RallyRoadDirtHighToLowUpCurve2Right in air mode
    • Fixed geometry in Screen2x1StraightSmall
    • Fixed items placement inverted on CastleWallDiagStraightX2
    • Fixed item Screen2x3Big not showing
    • Fixed missing NoPillarBellow variant on TechnicsLights
    • Fixed DecoPlatform Curve 4 & 5 Lods
    • Fixed missing ramp items placement on platform blocs
    • Fixed Platforms, DecoPlatforms, OpenRoads and OpenZones normals not continuous between blocs and lods (improved smooth,ess and popping)
    • Fixed UVs offset on some PlatformLoops
    • Fixed Racing Gates items trigger’s visual effect not corresponding the real trigger collision
    • Fixed Screen6x1 not skinnable
    • Fixed Large square pillar Item UVs
    • Fixed multiple water planes on some water blocs
    • Fixed gaps on RallyCastleWallArchX1
    • Fixed gap on RallyRoadDirtHighToLowUpStraightX2
    • Fixed Item Torch smoke source location
    • Fixed flying flags on CastleTower
    • Fixed lods of DecoPlatformCurve 4 & 5
    • Fixed item Torch Light location
    • Fixed missing faces of some Cliff blocs preview when “in hand”
    • Fixed symmetry not working for DecoHillSlope2ChicaneX2 Left & Right
    • Fixed texture mods on gate items.
    • Fixed alternate cars engine sound too loud.
    • Fixed numbers display on the Rallycar
    • Fixed Misaligned border on RoadTechNarrowTilt blocks
    • Fixed Combining WaterGrassRampRoadCurveOut and WaterGrassZoneCurve1Out can make a hole appear in LOD variant

Game modes & UIs

  • Aadded
    • Added a checkpoint counter UI in racing mode, displayable with a setting
    • Added premade track packs in local multiplayer modes
    • Added the day to TOTD buttons
    • Added current matches to the current events section
    • Added a new Medals tab in the Records UI allowing to spectate medals ghosts
  • Changed
    • Updated the link of the competition admin
    • Created a section “Text chat” in the settings
    • Modified the club certification badge icon
  • Fixed
    • Fixed inability to delete the 4×1 decal asset in a club
    • Fixed multiple script crashes in Events page
    • Fixed the lack of sound in the “Create” menu page
    • Fixed wrong button in Create menu page when changing language
    • Fixed overlapping text in skin and replay browsers
    • Fixed counters resetting in the “Track Review” activity creation when adding an image
    • Fixed error message not disappearing in hotseat
    • Fixed Standard Access message displayed instead of Club Access
    • Fixed cropped text in COTD
    • Fixed a script crash in the record UI module
    • Fixed a navigation issue on the leaderboard in the Ranked lobby
    • Fixed the wood gameplay in the Royal base map
    • Fixed an error that occurred when joining a matchmaking server that took longer than usual to start
    • Fixed the wood gameplay in the Simple Editor base map
    • Fixed an issue where campaign pager buttons would not display correctly after changing the language


  • Fixed
    • Fixed rallycar behaviour on custom ice
    • Fixed Camera switch becomes choppy when server has been running for too long
    • Fixed Item placement preview on rotated blocks in the map Editor

Are you ready to go rallying in Trackmania? Let us know in the comments below!

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