Trackmania Winter 2024 Campaign Brings 25 New Tracks

Trackmania Winter 2024 Campaign

Trackmania Winter 2024 Campaign

We are now in 2024 and the Winter 2024 Campaign is just about to launch in Trackmania. Featuring one new car and a staggering 25 new tracks, the Winter 2024 Campaign arrives just in time to cheer us all up this January!

Winter racing

Trackmania is already stacked with cars to drive, and circuits to drive them on, but the Winter 2024 Campaign aims to add to the list. The new Snow car returns after last November's 25th annniversary update, in the unique Asian atmosphere inspired by the original 2003 Snow environment.

On the track side, it’s an incredible haul. 25 new tracks are coming to Trackmania as part of the Winter 2024 Campaign. With over 200 tracks already in the game, this is still a major addition to the existing tracklist.

It’s not just tracks and a new car coming to Trackmania, however. 100 medals, 20 new Royal skins, and 13 new Ranked skins are also coming as part of the campaign. The medals, together with winnable trophies and unlockable levels, all go towards your prestige car skin.

New year, new start

The Winter 2024 Campaign in Trackmania also sees a new Starter Access update. The Standard Access and 3-year Club Access will expire with the introduction of the Winter 2024 Campaign, but the new Starter Access will be free to all players, just as the old Starter Access was.

There is also a new Club Access, with the same features as the old but at a more reasonable price of $19.99 (approx £16). This is much more affordable to players, cutting down the costs overall.

Trackmania Winter 2024 Campaign
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Royal mode is also seeing an overhaul with the arrival of the Winter 2024 Campaign. This enhanced version, in addition to the original mode, sees players progress through each segment by earning stars.

After collecting 10 stars, players will advance to the next segment. The number of stars awarded depends on your time, from one to five stars.

Players must also now complete their own segments in order to progress to the next difficulty. Surpassing a record on a segment will earn two points for your team until another team beats your record.

The Royal tracks remain unchanged as part of the overhaul.

Close racing

Players don’t have long to wait for the Trackmania Winter 2024 Campaign. You can get started on the new tracks from 9 January 2024, meaning we’re now less than 24 hours away at the time of writing.

Trackmania Winter 2024 Campaign
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With so much new content, Trackmania shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Considering the number of overhauled features along with the update, it could be some time before the track-building racer reaches the finish line.

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