TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 3 Gameplay: Devblog goes in-depth on physics

TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 3 has a new gameplay trailer out. There's also a new Devblog that has been published, so we've learned a whole lot more about this exciting upcoming motorcycle game.

We give you all the highlights right here!

TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 3 Gameplay

We'd already been given a taste of the gameplay we can expect from TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 3 later this year. The opening Devblog gave us another look riding around the Isle of Man TT.

For those that don't know, the Isle of Man TT is the most fearsome racing event on two wheels. Although it's no longer on the MotoGP calendar, this meeting survives and it's the most challenging in the world.

The above gameplay trailer shows us why the Isle of Man TT is so scarily intense. This is raced on narrow country roads that are lined with houses and hedges.

Safety is an afterthought, speed is everything and you cannot let off the throttle or you'll plummet down the timings board.


The game's developers Raceward have published their first "Devblog" detailing some of TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3's standout features.

Devblog 1 goes in-depth on the game's physics model, something that is so key to how realistic this simulator will feel later this year.

Another of Raceward's games, RiMS Racing, helped to inspire Ride on the Edge 3's physics model. Everything from the engine capacity to the bike's framework and chassis has defined how each motorbike handles around the island.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3
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How the bike reacts when going over kerbs, bumps and up and downhill is all dependent upon the suspension, brakes and acceleration generated by the bike's engine.

Tyres were also a focus, as a new dynamic wear system has been implemented, with the aim to provide players with more accurate feedback from different road surfaces.

This feature also includes a new upgrade system for bike components. So, riders can enjoy an intense and realistic experience on all the circuits available and have full control of the bike's dynamics, regardless of the engine size used.

Snaefell Mountain

The Snaefell Mountain Course was the one showcased in the latest gameplay trailer. It's anything but for the faint of heart, as it's an extremely technical, difficult and dangerous road course.

There are over 200 high-speed corners that are spread out along a 37.730 miles (60.72km) distance. For reference, the longest Formula 1 circuit is currently Spa, at just 4.3 miles (7km).

TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 3
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Raceward has worked closely with some of the top TT riders to recreate the challenging Snaefell track and the rest of the Isle of Man's stages. There's a more sim-focused approach to this year's game compared to previous titles.

This has partly been achieved by utilising a new input system calibration, which is now more direct and intuitive compared to previous games and offers more precise control of the bike's behaviour.

Tracks and bikes

There are eight large circuits, which vary in complexity and are divided into sections, creating a total of 32 tracks. On the bike front, there are some of the best Superbike and Supersport models in the world on offer.

The technical and physical characteristics that separate the two categories have been accurately recreated. They feel and perform vastly differently, so it's like taking on a different challenge when you're on the same track.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3
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The Superbikes are beasts with huge power ratings ensuring that they can always surprise you. The Supersport bikes are easier to tame and will be a more entry level bike for beginners.


With souped-up bikes and the most terrifying stages around, this can seem daunting to newbies. Thankfully though, there are difficulty levels available, as gamers can choose between beginner, intermediate and simulation.

The system has been completely revised as all players can enjoy the IoM Tourist Trophy experience regardless of expertise, without sacrificing any of the realism or immersion.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3
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Every bike has an Engine Control Unit (ECU) that can be used to adjust the three main electronic assistance systems (Traction Control System, Anti-Wheelie System and Electronic Braking System) in real time.

These systems are essential for dynamically managing the behaviour of the bike and adapting it to the challenges of the tracks. In addition, the ABS has been revised to improve braking and increase the life of the tyres.

TT Isle of Man Release date

The next TT Isle of Man game will be released sooner than you think! There's just a few months to go until release day. May 2023 is the game's release date, but we don't have a specific date just yet.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3
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We'll be here to update you with everything you need to know about Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 3!

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