Virtual Racing Games for GamStop Players: How to Enjoy Racing Safely and Responsibly

Virtual racing games are great. You can enjoy these and play all day long or you can bet on some and win. If the latter is your passion, make sure to consider GamStop as something you may need. The goal of this platform is to provide responsible gambling and help players who are at risk of betting addiction. At the same time, the mission is to make online betting safer and more worthy.

Understanding GamStop

GamStop is a platform that was created by UKGC. The goal here is to help players who are worried about gambling addiction. If you are one of them, you can create a free account at GamStop. You can get professional help or use self-exclusion. The latter means that you won’t be able to visit betting or gambling sites in the UK and hence placing a bet is not possible.

The method is free, as we have mentioned and it will remain like that. You can choose a ban that will last 5 years and then you can prolong it. You can also remove the self-exclusion but only once the ban has expired. Removing the exclusion before it has expired is not an option. Even after it expires, you will have to contact support and ask them to remove the ban. During the ban, GamStop recommends players get help and solve gambling issues they may have.

Preferences of GamStop Players

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Many will say that all gamers and gamblers are alike. This is not the case. GamStop players are a bit more specific. First of all, they need to have a proper balance between their gambling and gaming habits. They need to play games (all types of games) responsibly and keep track of their habits and their gaming cycle.

It is crucial to play games responsibly. One of the best ways to do that is to play for a specific, pre-set period of time. This applies to gambling as well. Yes, betting can be considered the same thing as gambling in this case scenario.

The bottom line is that GamStop players need to find a proper balance between how long and how often they should play games. The situation can be even more complicated if you know that a lot of PC games have casino games built-in. These games are usually very popular among users of NonGamStopBets gaming sites and some even say that these games should be avoided y GamStop players and used. Others believe that those games have to be limited and controlled by GamStop.

Finding the Right Game For GamStop Users

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If you are a GamStop user or better said player and you want to find a racing game that is just perfect for you, here are a few things you need to implement in your search. These are simple elements that have a huge role in all of this.

  • Games without gambling focus

The first thing to look for is games that don’t have gambling elements like loot boxes, casino games, or anything similar built-in. This can have a huge role in all of this.

  • Content warning and age rating

Keep in mind that you should play games that are allowed for people of your age. At the same time, you will need to choose a game that promotes and uses responsible gaming.

  • Responsible in-game tools

These are versatile tools that have a huge role. The goal of them is to limit the time you spend playing the game, control the amount of money you have spent and help you control your gaming habit.

  • Positive developer and community support

You also need to choose a game that has positive and effective developer and community support. These can be used to promote responsible gaming and help you even more.

There are a lot of great games that you may want to consider. These all meet the requirements we have revealed above and each one is special in its own way. Luckily you have a lot of options and you can easily find the one you seek.

  • Gran Turismo Sport (PlayStation)

Gran Turismo Sport (PlayStation) is one of the best games for players who are on GamStop. The game itself focuses completely on skills and customization options. What this means is that the player will be focused on racing more than on anything else.

  • Forza Motorsport (Xbox/PC)

Forza Motorsport is known for a lot of different cars and tracks. You can choose the one you like and have a lot of fun. The main advantage here is the fact this game doesn’t have any gambling content or anything similar built-in.

  • Project CARS (Multi-platform)

Project CARS is a game available on almost all platforms you can find these days. The main goal of the game is to improve and polish your skills as a racing driver. At the same time, there are no gambling elements here.

  • F1 series (Multi-platform)

The F1 series is another type of game that can be enjoyed on all devices you can think of. The main perk here is an authentic and realistic F1 experience, something a lot of players are looking for. Strategy and car handling are some of the most important elements of the game.

  • Assetto Corsa (Multi-platform)

Assetto Corsa is a game available on all sorts of platforms. It is all about handling the cars and matching physics. The main thing we like is the fact there are no gambling elements here.

No matter which game you choose, you can enjoy driving a car and having fun. But you won’t have to worry about anything related to gambling and be at any risk.

Tips for Enjoying The Games Safely and Responsibly

There are a few things you can do in order to maintain responsible gaming and have fun at the same time. These are the tips that all players should use, especially if you are on GamStop.

  • Limit the time

How long you can play the game per day or week has a huge role in all of this. It is one of the biggest concerts discussed today. Try to find a time frame that is safe for you and comes without any issues. If you notice any complications, decrease the time frame you spend gaming.

  • Use proper tools

You can also use proper responsible gaming tools. These tools can actually help you limit the time and what you can play. Honestly, these are some of the most appealing options GamStop users can use and have at their disposal.

  • Spending limit

Most of these games will allow you to use real money to boost your score and your success. For instance, you can upgrade your car, skills, and more. The mission here is to keep track of the money you have spent and not jeopardize your financial stability.


If you are a GamStop user and you like racing games, now you know how and which ones you should play. As one of the eSports disciplines racing games can be both beneficial and dangerous for players. If you use the tips, we have shared with you, you will play the games you like, have fun, and enjoy for a long time. It is crucial to add that you should play responsibly and focus on having a great time in these games. It is easier than you may believe.

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