Vroom! looks set to tackle the battle-royale genre once more on four wheels

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We've seen the racing games genre try a number of crossovers in the past. One of the most famous crossovers is in fact one of our favourite titles... Rocket League!

Now, after the attempt that Forza Horizon 4 made at a battle-royale, we have another venture into the increasingly popular genre.


Let's take a look at Vroom!, what it entails, and when we can expect to play it.

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The game itself seems to be if Fall Guys asked you to drive instead, as the cars are met with a variety of obstacles that they have to overcome.



From bashing each other out of the way to using certain items, players will have a variety of ways to ensure that they are the last vehicle standing (well... Driving?)

We also get a sense of the scale, which reminds us very much of the Hot Wheels Unleashed scale. The player in the trailer is battling against other toy vehicles, with children's building blocks and toys attempting to stop them.


The trailer also gave us a sneak peek at some of the features that the game will have, which excitingly includes a variety of new rides.

Vroom 2

These seem to be anything from a 60s Formula One car through to big rigs and cement mixers. As such, there will be no shortage of ways to stand out on the track.

Eagle-eyed viewers may also have noticed the exploding items which seem to hinder progress. We don't yet know if these will be part of the environment in the game or if they'll be items you can carry, but we're excited to find out!


Release date

The developer of the game, Adam Bernath, has plans to release the game on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S meaning that the game will be next-gen only.

Vroom 1

The title has been entirely built on Unreal Engine 5, so we're not too surprised.


Likewise, by the game's planned release date, which is late 2022, we're sure the market problems will have settled significantly and hopeful purchasers will have one!