Wreckfest: NEW Carmageddon update, tracks, Eagle-R, zombies, & more!

We've spoken a lot about Wreckfest. In fact, it even made our top 5 hidden gems of racing that you need to try piece!

Now, the awesome title is receiving a rather blockbuster update with a blast from the past, as Carmageddon lands.

So, let's take a look at this new update now, and what it holds for players.

New Locations

As a throwback to the 90's game's initial release, we're going to see two new locations land in Wreckfest as part of the update.


These are Bleak City and Devil's Canyon, which have even been remade in their original form; 16-bit graphics.

Both of these locations arrive with a race track and a free-roam area, while Bleak City has a reverse track variation and a demolition arena.

New vehicle

A new car is also making its way into the game, providing players with something else to grind for.

Carmageddon Eagl R
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EAGLE-R: The latest car to join the game really does look the part!

This is the Eagle-R, and it's definitely not cheap!

In fact, it will set you back a whopping 100,000 fame points. It may be time to sink a few more hours in the game to save up for this beast.

New Challenges

Finally, there are Carmageddon challenges in the Tournament section of the game, meaning you really can experience the new content everywhere.

Carmageddon 2
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SLICE 'EM UP: The new update has something for everyone to enjoy!

There is a Death Race weekly challenge and even a Carnage Accumulator Season Challenge, which will be three minutes of... Well... Carnage!

Oh, and did we mention this is a free update for all players? That's right, not a paid-for DLC, but an awesome new raft of content for all Wreckfest fans to enjoy.

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