Wreckfest PS5: Release date, new trailer, features, price & more!

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Sometimes you want to take a break from hunting faster lap time or chasing down an F1 title and just smash things.

That is exactly the reason Wreckfest has been one of our favourite racing titles for a long time now.

With a PS5 release date full confirmed, let's take a look at the new trailer and what it shows us now!

New Trailer

The new trailer does a brilliant job of getting us excited for the game to land on the next-gen PlayStation console, the PS5.


Promising a host of awesome improved features, it's easy to see why. A 4K resolution, smooth 60fps gameplay, improved lighting and more will make the game a must-have.

Thanks to the phenomenally powerful hardware of the PS5, we can't wait to get our hands on the game and feel the next-gen experience for ourselves.


Naturally, there are other improvements to the game than the higher resolution and smoother framerate offered by the PS5.

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This includes enhanced lighting, improved visual effects (those crashes are going to look AWESOME now!) and, of course, haptic feedback through that DualSense controller.

Finally, the game will boast a whopping 24 player multiplayer on the PS5. That really is a recipe for some serious carnage.

Release date and price

The game will launch for the PS5 on June 1 of this year, putting release at just over a month away. This is, of course, providing no COVID-related delays hit us, although we don't expect that to happen.

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As for price, if you already own the game on PS4, you can upgrade for just $9.99/€9.99.

If you're yet to purchase the game at all, it will set you back £34.99 or $/€39.99. For some jaw-dropping and smashing action, that sounds like a steal to us!

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