Wreckfest: Super Truck Showdown Tournament and off-road car pack!

Wreckfest is the perfect break from the stress of shaving thousandths off of a lap time or racing in your league of choice.

Instead, the smash-'em-up come racer puts its focus on big crashes and bumper to bumper action.

So, with a new a competition and DLC now here, let's take a look at what new content players can expect!

Super Truck Showdown

This is the latest tournament to join Wreckfest, and puts the focus very firmly on Stadium Super Trucks racing on both tarmac and dirt.


This new tournament also excitingly arrives with a new track for players to get to grips with, Rattlesnake Racepark.

This track is an homage to a number of real-life super truck dirt tracks, with some huge jumps, complex turns and glorious mountains scenery in the background. We can't wait to get some laps in!

Off-Road Car Pack #10

This tenth DLC instalment sees 3 new cars join the game, each of which with its own unique style.

Wreckfest DLC 1
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The first is the Trooper, based very closely on a legendary piece of Americana. Supposedly, this "will take you to off-road hell and back without breaking a sweat."

Next, we have the Trophy Runner, touted as an Asian workhorse. The fully custom-built super truck will take any track in its stride.

Finally, the Sandstorm. If we thought the Trophy Runner was custom built, the Sandstorm puts that to shame. Designed with twisty, off-road racing in mind, the Sandstorm is a racing machine.


The title itself is currently on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, although the update is currently only on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

wreckfest 3
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Don't worry, however, as new updates are still arriving for next-gen consoles, with a release date of June 1 announced for the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

With the game soon being available for all platforms, we highly recommend getting your hands on the title. With frequent new content, and awesome gameplay, it's a must-have!

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