Best racing games on Android 2021 - Real Racing, #Drive, Asphalt 9 & more

Mobile devices are getting more powerful every year. Therefore, mobile games and mobile racing games are getting more ambitious. The Android Play Store is ever-expanding too, as more games and apps get added to it every day. Not to mention the regular updates and expansions these game often receive as well.

With that in mind, let's look at the five best racing games available for Android devices right now!

1 - Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Racing
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Asphalt has been around for a while, and Asphalt 9: Legends is arguably the best of the series. Asphalt 9 has now also made the leap to Xbox, after receiving a Switch version in 2019. This is a pure arcade racer, it makes no attempt to be realistic, and it's glorious because of it.

The game looks gorgeous as well, this probably has the best graphics we've seen in a mobile racing game. What's also good for mobile users is that the controls are simplified, to allow you to focus on changing lane and using nitro boost.

2 - CarX Drift Racing 2

Carx drift racing 2
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Another mobile series that has made the transition to home consoles excellently is CarX Drift Racing Online. CarX has been out on mobile devices since 2017 and is still receiving regular updates and expansions. It's rightly regarded as one of the best racing games on mobile, thanks in part to how well the game plays.

This is all also true for CarX's sequel, CarX Drift Racing 2, which was released a year later. This hasn't made the jump to console either, so it's a mobile exclusive. CarX 2 builds upon on its predecessor very well and is probably the best drifting game around, especially on mobile.

3 - Real Racing 3

Real racing 3
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Can you believe that Real Racing 3 is now eight years old? We can't either. What's more surprising is how well RR3 holds up today. With the exception of Grand Theft Auto V, no console game has lasted that amount of time while remaining popular.

There still hasn't been a Real Racing 4 released, but there doesn't have to be. RR3 is very much the Gran Turismo of mobile racing games, it's a proper racing simulator that can fit in your pocket. What Firemonkey Studios achieved here is one of the biggest success stories in gaming.

4 - Data Wing

Data wing
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When we're talking about free games that are fun to play, Data Wing has to be up there for mobile racing games. This is Tron without the bikes, as the neon visuals blow you away here. The 1980s film definitely influenced this game's story mode as well, but we'll leave that for you to discover why.

The story mode may be short, but it's definitely sweet and has huge replayability. The controls are probably the best thing about Data Wing though, this has some of the easiest control settings of any of the mobile racing games out there.

5 - #Drive

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As the name suggests, you just need to keep going. #Drive is marketed as an "endless driving game" and that's a good way to surmise what this one is all about. You race across different environments and counties to try and evade the police. The graphics aren't what you'd expect here, but the art style is wonderful and very easy on the eye.

Strangely, like Fallout, the currency is bottlecaps, and you'll need these to unlock more cars and advance through the game. #Drive also requires you to fuel up to keep going, miss a petrol station when you're on a low tank and you could be stuck up the creek without a paddle.

Even though you only touch the screen to change lanes, every car feels unique and mastering them all is a difficult but rewarding challenge. There are microtransactions available in #Drive, but not to the point where they detract from the action. All-in-all, this is one you should definitely give a try on your Android mobile device.

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