Best racing games on Android in 2022

It doesn't feel right that 2021 is coming to a close, but that's the reality of our situation. There are just over two months left of the year, so we're looking forward to 2022 in this article. There have been some great racing games to enjoy on Android in 2021, but what does next year have on offer?

Well, there aren't many new games announced yet for Android for next year. So, with that in mind, here are five of our picks for the best mobile racing games coming to the Play Store or getting big updates in 2022!

1 - F1 Clash

F1 Clash 2021
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A proper Formula 1 mobile game was something we had been waiting for a very long time for. In 2019 though, our wish was granted, with the launch of F1 Manager. The game is still going strong today as well, as a 2021 update renamed it to F1 Clash.

We believe that there will be another major update in May 2022 to bring it up to speed with the '22 cars. While the drivers are remaining fairly static, there are major regulation changes regarding the cars themselves. We can't wait to give this game a go again next year, as it should be released before F1 2022 on home console too.

2 - Asphalt 9

Screenshot 20210630 114514 Asphalt 9
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The Asphalt series has been going for years and Asphalt 9 could well be the best in the franchise. It's certainly the most popular, with it still ranking high in the Play Store's charts. The graphics are some of the best on mobile, while the gameplay and controls are excellent.

We won't be getting an Asphalt 10 for some time yet. Going off previous releases, it'll be around 2023 until that happens. So, developers Gamelot will be sending some big updates and expansions our way next year for Asphalt 9. What these will be isn't clear, but some more cars and circuits definitely won't go amiss.

3 - Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22
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While this isn't what you'd call a traditional "racing game", it is a race against time in vehicles, so we're counting it. Farming Simulator 22 is set to be released on home consoles in November this year. There hasn't yet been a mobile version of the game announced, but given that 20 had an on-the-go adaptation, we'd expect another here.

There has been a mobile Farming Simulator every two years since 2014, and we don't expect that to change. However, this could be the first time that a mobile version has the same name as the console version. Perhaps it'd be called 'Farming Simulator 23', in that case.

The previous mobile version "Farming Simulator 20" was a good title, but we'd expect the catalogue of equipment and items to expand upon the game from three years ago. Aside from that, the gameplay was as you'd expect.

4 - CSR Racing 3

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Another game that hasn't been officially announced but we know is on the way is CSR Racing 3. CSR Racing 2 was released in 2016 and is still going great guns half a decade later. Big updates such as a Formula 1 DLC have come to CSR2 to keep it fresh going into 2022.

Even if CSR3 doesn't come next year, we'll still likely get large updates for CSR2 through 2022. The graphics, officially licenced cars and street racing theme all make CSR2 a game you don't want to miss. Its sequel, whenever it arrives, will also be a great racing title.

5 - Assetto Corsa Mobile

Assetto Corsa Mobile
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This isn't confirmed by any means, but there a lot of rumours around Assetto Corsa Mobile coming to Android. Currently, AC Mobile is an iOS exclusive, but that could be about to change next year. AC Mobile was released earlier this year, so what is effectively a new console for the game is definitely a possibility.

While both Assetto Corsa and Competizione are both great sims for consoles, AC Mobile has been a disappointment. The main issues have been around the speed of the game, as the devices fail to load menus in a timely manner. Perhaps an upgraded Android port can fix this, but we'll need to wait and see on that one.

AC Mobile does have the makings of a good game though, as the graphics and content are good for a mobile title.

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