Best racing games on iOS 2021

Apple is consistently upping its game when it comes to the iPhone and iPad. As such, mobile app developers are allowed to be more creative. Therefore, the games we're able to play on these devices push the boundaries even more.

With that said, which have been the biggest and best games on iOS devices in 2021? Here are five of our picks!

1 - Mario Kart Tour

mario kart tour builder luigi
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While Mario Kart Tour isn't as good as the world-beating Mario Kart 8, nor as inventive as Live: Home Circuit, it is a great mobile racer. It's not perfect by any means (those microtransactions do go too far sometimes) but it's still popular two years after its initial release.

Despite its unorthodox portrait-orientated screen, the controls and gameplay are exactly what you'd expect from a mobile MK adaptation. It's totally free on iOS as well, you don't have to pay a penny to play this game. So, if you've not upgraded to a Switch yet, definitely give MK Tour a go!

2 - Rush Rally Origins

Rush Rally Origins 1
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If you love Rush Rally, you'll get a lot of fun out of Rush Rally Origins. Instead of focussing on current rally cars, Origins goes back to the classics that absolutely ooze nostalgia. Origins is a brilliant top-down racer that has fantastic graphics that are supported by silky-smooth gameplay that can reach 120 fps.

The customisation system is pretty impressive too and adds a real system of progression into the game. With a whopping 36 rally stages available too, you can play Rush Rally Origins for a long time while you're out and about.

3 - Bike Race Pro: Motor Racing

Bike Race Pro Motor Racing
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Costing less than £1 to purchase, it's no wonder why Bike Race Pro: Motor Racing is still very popular on the App Store. This 2D side-scrolling bike game is simple but effective when it comes to its gameplay. It's addictively fun, as you're always trying to improve on your best effort and climb the online leaderboards.

There's a massive variety of bikes to ride and stages to enjoy here, and you'll keep coming back for more thanks to its addictive gameplay.

4 - Traffic Cop 3D

Traffic Cop 3D
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A game that has consistently been appearing near the top of the gaming charts since its release is Traffic Cop 3D. You're a lone police officer fighting against the crime in your city to make it a safer place to be. The gameplay here too is simple yet effective, which is helped by the handy controls.

To catch someone, all you have to do is remain close and your telescopic vision captures their number plate. Traffic Cop 3D also has a surprisingly good upgrade and customisation system to personalise your police car. There's even a first-person view and night missions that are available. Nobody was expecting this game to be so good, but it's definitely one of the best driving games out on iOS right now.

5 - Pixel Car Racer

Pixel Car Racer
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We've got a soft spot for games that emulate retro titles. That's exactly what Pixel Car Racer does with its art style, but there is much more to it than that. Pixel Car Racer has one of the best upgrade and customisation system that we've seen in a mobile racing game. If you want to tune your engine, you have to go on the dyno, just like real life.

There are a grand total of over 100 cars available to use, from all corners of the world as well. There's a massive 1000 parts to use when personalising your ride. Just like the old school Need for Speed games as well, we've got a combination of street and drag races on offer to compete in.

Oh, and on top of that, it's absolutely, 100% free as well.

These are just five of many amazing games that are available on the App Store. So, go explore and see what great titles you can discover for iOS!

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