F1 Mobile Racing: 2021 Season Update brings new cars to the game

Mobile racing games are starting to take off, and no game emphasises that like F1 Mobile Racing.

With more than 35 million downloads, the free-to-play title has been a huge success, and now the 2021 Season Update has arrived on the game, bringing big changes for players.

F1 Mobile Racing 2021 Season Update

The new update, which is free to all players, brings the 2021 season to the game. That means Alpine and Aston Martin are now in your pocket ready to be raced on.

Players can jump into the 2021 cars, or design their own F1 vehicle, and race against other players, against the clock, or more intelligent AI on the official circuits of the 2021 season.

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The update also brings audio and visual overhauls to make F1 Mobile Racing more immersive than ever before.

Future updates

This isn't the only update that will be coming to the game.

A brand new Career Mode is promised in a future update, while the 2021 Season Update refines and expands car development and customisation.

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“F1Mobile Racing’s 2021 Season Update is a major step forward, with a focus on replicating the exhilarating action of Formula 1 through a complete visual overhaul, refined gameplay, and new game features,” said Vincent Meulle, Executive Producer at Codemasters.

“Whether players are racing for glory in Duels, competing in our huge slate of PvP events, or customising their experience with new parts and designs, we’re excited to be expanding the ways in which anyone can live the dream of being an F1 driver.”

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