How to Play Real Racing 3 Multiplayer

Real Racing 3 is one of the most popular mobile racing titles. And with its popularity, it's natural that people would like to play Real Racing 3 in multiplayer. Initially, the game didn't allow the players to compete in real-time races. But as the players demanded, the developers listened!

Time Shifted Multiplayer

Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) was the only way for people to play together at the time of release. So, to put this in simple terms, this lets you race against your friends, but it isn't actually them playing. Similarly to racing against their ghost in different games' systems, the game adds the other drivers into the track. But they are fully interactive!

How to Play Real Racing 3 Multiplayer
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RACE WITH FRIENDS: You have the option to race with bots that are on par with your friends' racing skills, to simulate the multiplayer experience!

As one of the loading screens claims, “when racing online, every opponent is a time-shifted double of another player”. This is how TSM works. The game stores another player's data for their lap times and finishing records and then emulates the player to the tracks.

Playing online in this way is easy, simply loading any track online is going to get you the full TSM experience. But how does it exactly work?

The Algorithm

Interestingly, Real Racing 3 uses a similar algorithm in online and offline play. work in similar ways. The better you are, the harder the loaded opponents will be for you. But, the difference is present in the pool of racers that the game will select from. And naturally, the pool is wider for online play.

RR3 Nascar
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SMART ALGORITHM: Instead of choosing a difficulty level yourself, the game moulds its bots to cater towards your skill level, winning more means increasing difficulty!

Time-shifted multiplayer is interesting and allows you to play with simulated versions of your friends. However, it doesn't give you the real multiplayer experience. It isn't your friends actually behind the wheel.

How to play Real Racing 3 real time multiplayer

The developers eventually listened to the people and added real-time multiplayer, which is a feature that players requested a lot. Starting off with a 4-player multiplayer, then expanding it to 8 players!

And it's fairly simple to get into. As long as you have them added to your friends' list, you're a few invites away from racing together! And cross-platform is allowed! So even your mates using emulators can join in!

RR3 Cockpit
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REAL-TIME RACING: Thanks to the addition of the real-time multiplayer feature, you can now race with your friends at the same time, and it's all a few taps away!

Additionally, the developers have stated on their play store page: "Take on friends and rivals in global 8-player, cross-platform, real-time racing." As they identify that this multiplayer feature is a selling point of the game, they made sure to let all the players know that it is readily available.

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