What is Real Racing 3?

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So, you're wondering what is Real Racing 3? But, are you a fan of racing games? Do you own a mobile phone? Well, it is one of the most downloaded racing games of all time with over 500 million downloads.

With its immense popularity, thrilling arcade gameplay, and brilliant gameplay, we're wondering how you haven't heard of it before!

The Gameplay

The name gives away enough for you to know that this is a racing game title. What makes this game special?


Real Racing 3's thrilling trailer, for a trailer that's 8 years old, it's very ambitious and even ahead of its time!

Sporting immersive graphics, which are shockingly beautiful for a game that has been around since 2013. Real Racing 3 has comfortable controls, upgradeable cars, and real-life licensed tracks.

So, without a doubt, we have to say that the buzz around it is rightfully placed. It is one of the best racing games on mobile.

The selling points

One of the best things about Real Racing 3 in our opinion is how much replayability it has. The game constantly gets updates, hosts new events, and adds new cars to its roster, such as the Lotus Evija.

Real Racing 3 Screenshot, Ultra High Graphics!
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GLORIOUS GRAPHICS: In-game graphics look astounding, pushing the limits of what a mobile game can bring!

The events the game hosts include racing series, with tiers that you can finish to gain bigger prizes! The races are challenging, and increase in difficulty with time.

These challenging events are a double-edged sword. As some players might tap out from a tough challenge, but others love the thrill of it!

The Real Racing 3 Legacy

Over 8 years of success, constant updates, and even more. The game's legacy continues.


Firemonkeys and EA working together to produce a game that goes strong to this day. Although it also had a successful release at the start!

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Esports!
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FORMULA 1 LICENSED: Real Racing 3 has made it into the expanding world of esports, even hosting F1 series, a huge feat for a mobile game!

Real Racing 3 even has a thriving esports scene that is constantly on their news page, and always getting recognition! And on August 3rd, there even is an F1 esports global challenge on Real Racing 3!

So, one of the hottest racing games at the reach of your fingertips!

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