Does MotoGP 22 have multiplayer?

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A new year means that we'll be getting a new official MotoGP game before too long. MotoGP 22 should be launching in the Spring and we can't wait to try it out.

Details regarding the upcoming Milestone title are scant to say the least, though. One of the questions we find ourselves asking, is whether multiplayer will take a larger role in MotoGP 22 than it has done in the past?

A long line of multiplayer games

Multiplayer is nothing new to the MotoGP games. In fact, online multiplayer has been a feature of the MotoGP series since it was first taken on by Milestone. So, there's absolutely no reason to think that this will stop anytime soon.

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NO REASON TO STOP: MotoGP 22 should keep the good times going online

As for whether we'll get new features like crossplay enabled, it's far too early to say.

To access online features on PlayStation and Xbox as well, you'll need a PS+/ Xbox Live subscription, respectively.

MotoGP 22 release date

While we don't have an official release date for MotoGP 22 as of yet, we can look to the past to see what to expect for the future. Despite the disruption faced by the video game industry for the past two years, MotoGP has consistently been released in April for years now.

As for the consoles that it'll be released on, we expect to see MotoGP 22 available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X, PC and Switch.

Specifically, we believe that it will be released in mid to late April. The game's reveal trailer will likely confirm this when it's released in February.

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