MotoGP 21: How to drive without traction control

As much as we love MotoGP 21, it isn't the easiest game to get to grips with. That's especially true if you're experienced in racing on four wheels. Never fear though, we're here to help!

Driving without traction control isn't easy in MotoGP 21, but doing so will earn you valuable lap time.

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What is traction control?

MotoGP 21 battle
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POWERING ON THROUGH: TC helps you out of slow-speed corners

Traction control (TC) is an electronic aid that automatically limits your throttle input to prevent wheelspin. Wheelspin isn't ideal, especially when racing in MotoGP, because it wears out your rear tyre, uses excess fuel and costs you time.

The drawback to using TC, though, it's that it costs the rider time from their peak performance. The in-built computer plays it safe, limiting your throttle input to below the maximum you can get away with.

How do I remove traction control?

Unlike some motorsport series such as Formula 1, traction control is allowed in MotoGP. Therefore, it isn't a rider assist like it would be in most games. To turn the TC up or down, you need to go into the bike's setup or adjust it out on track using the HUD menu in the bottom-right of the screen.

The lowest setting for TC is one out of five, you can't turn it completely off in MotoGP 21.

MotoGP 21 Americas GP Setup ECU min
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CHOOSE YOUR SETTINGS: You can change the TC settings using the ECU menu in bike setup

However, you can change how realistic the electronic aids are. If you go into Riding aids and scroll down to electronics, you can change these settings. For the most realistic settings, change electronics to real and acceleration input modulation to disabled.

MotoGP 21 riding settings
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REAL SETTINGS: For a true non-TC experience, you'll also need to change the riding aids

How to ride without TC

It sounds obvious, but if you're used to racing with TC enabled, you'll have to take it a lot easier on the throttle. This is only true accelerating out of slow corners, high-speed corners and straights will still be the same.

A wheel and pedals and Haptic feedback on the PS5 pad also help you optimise peak performance. If you're on pad and old-gen, you'll need to be conservative when applying the throttle out of slow-speed corners.

You have to apply the throttle gently, in a smooth motion and while going in a straight line. Stabbing the accelerator or steering while accelerating will only end with you facing the wrong way.

You can help yourself via the setup of the bike, though. The track engineer can adjust the bike accordingly if you tell them you're suffering from low traction on acceleration.

MotoGP 21 Garage
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HELP ME OUT, MAN! The track engineer can give you a hand when it comes to bike setup

You can also change settings yourself through the manual setup option. Altering settings such as the trail, steering plate position and steering head inclination will aid the bike's overall stability.

Finally, one last thing you should do is turn the power of the bike's engine down, at least at first. If you have the bike on 3 engine power all the time, your rear tyre is done for.

How should I practice riding without TC?

You'll notice the lack of traction control most when accelerating out of a low-speed corner, as that's when wheelspin is most likely to occur. You're best off going for a time trial session, so it's just you on the track to practice. This can be found in the quick modes menu.

It's best to choose a circuit like Austria's Spielberg or Malaysia's Sepang International, as these are particularly hard on the rear tyre.

Once you've mastered racing around a circuit by yourself, you'll need to move on to practicing starts. Wheelspin is at its worst for the start of races, and are a completely different beast to getting off the line with TC enabled.

MotoGP start jerez
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ARE YOU READY? The ultimate challenge in MotoGP 21 is keeping the bike fast without TC and in the wet

Another thing to keep in mind too is remaining fast while racing in the heat of the moment. It's all well and good being consistent when lapping a circuit by yourself, but when there's over 20 other riders swarming around you, it can be difficult to keep your cool.

If you want a real challenge, try racing without TC when there's heavy rain.

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