MotoGP 22: Argentina Grand Prix Setup Guide - Termas de Rio Hondo guide, settings, & more

After months of waiting, MotoGP 22 finally last week! The official game of the 2022 MotoGP season has been a breath of fresh air for the franchise. You can find out exactly why in our full review right here!

Round three of the 2022 season sees you leave Asia for the first time and head for South America. The Argentine GP has been a popular re-entry to the calendar since returning in 2014. After two years of missing out, it was back once more earlier this year.

The Termas de Rio Hondo circuit isn't for the faint of heart. It's comprised on long straights and both slow and high-speed corners. You don't need to worry though, as our setup guide will show you exactly how to master it!


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Tyres
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The track temperature is usually hot in Argentina. This, coupled with the multiple heavy traction zones, means you'll need a hard tyre on the rear. This should be coupled with a medium on the front axle.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension
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Front pre-load needs to be low at 2 to allow for more consistent steering around the long corners in Rio Hondo. Oil quality is ideal at 3, with the front spring hardness at 4.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension 2
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The front swingarm compression, though, is best cranked all the way up to 7. Finally, for the front of the bike's suspension, front swingarm extension is best around 5.

On the rear, values need to be generally quite high to help cornering. The rear pre-load has to be around 7, all the way to the top.

The Swingarm connector has to be lower at 3, but the rest of these settings need to be higher. Spring hardness needs to be up to 6, with shock absorber compression (7) and extension (5) rounding out these higher values.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Vehicle Geometry
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For your Vehicle Geometry, steering head inclination is required to be all the way down at 1 to help the responsiveness of the steering.

The trail has to be down at 2, with the steering plate position down at 3. Lastly, the rear swingarm length needs to be set slightly higher at 4.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission
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The gears have to be set at or slightly above or at the default values for Argentina. Gears 1-3 at the default value of 4, with the rest down at 3. The final ratio though, needs to be turned up to 5 for the long back-straight.

The slipper clutch should also be up at 5 to help stability while using engine braking around the long corners.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission 2
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Brake System

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Brakes
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For Termas, the braking zone at the end of the back-straight is enough to justify big and powerful brakes. Not only that, but the quick-fire braking zones around the end of the track means that they don't get much time to cool down.

So, a 340mm high mass brake on the front and a 220mm on the rear are best in Argentina.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup ECU
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Traction Control is an aid that get turned down to 3. This can make the rear tyre unstable though, so turn this up to 4 if you're struggling to get the hammer down out of corners.

Engine Braking needs be up at the maximum of 5 to help aid shaving speed off around the prolonged corners. Anti-wheelie has to be at around 3 to prevent the front wheel from flying off the ground.

Power mapping is best at 3 for a flying lap, but you'll need to turn this around during some points in the race. This is to save fuel and the engine.

All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.

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