MotoGP 22: Donington Setup Guide - Historical British Grand Prix guide, settings, & more

It's fair to say that MotoGP 22 comes packed with a lot of content. Not only does it have the full 2022 season, but it also has historical content as well. This includes the full 2009 season, thanks to its innovative Nine Career mode.

Because of this, classic circuits such as Donington Park are available to race the modern MotoGP bikes around. The former home of the British Grand Prix is a real fan-favourite and is missed by a lot of MotoGP fans.

So, here's the setup you need to win around one of the UK's best motorsport venues.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Tyres
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Track temperatures aren't normally too high here, but the abrasive asphalt literally rubs the tyres up the wrong way. This is particularly true for the rear, where the back axle will be dragged all over the place mid-corner.

So, we've found that a medium on the front and a hard on the rear is best to do the distance around Donington.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension
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The front suspension has to be a mix of high, low and medium-range settings for a good compromise between stability and steering responsiveness. The front pre-load needs to at four, as should the spring hardness and swingarm extension.

The oil quantity should be down at 1, with the swingarm compression all the way up at 7.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension 2
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On the rear, the suspension should be on the high side in order to help stability. The rear pre-load is best at 4, with the swingarm connector all the way up at 7. The spring hardness should be up at 6.

Finally, the shock absorber compression is ideal at 7, with the extension slightly lower at 5.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Vehicle Geometry
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Your Vehicle Geometry is also best on the high side, again in the aim of stability. Both the steering head inclination and the trail need to be up at the maximum allowed value of 7.

The steering pate position and rear swingarm length also should be set high at 5 each.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission
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The gear ratios should be slightly on the high side in Donington thanks to the pursuit of overall top speed. There is a slight bulge in the ratios around the middle gears (3rd and 4th), with the sixth and first gears being set the lowest.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission 2
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The final ratio is best at 5, with the slipper clutch at 4 to strike a good compromise between stability and engine braking.

Brake System

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Brakes
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There are some big braking zones around Donington, but these are generally quite spread out.

So, the brakes don't have to be the biggest allowed, they can be slightly smaller at 340 mm high mass and 220 mm on the front and rear, respectively.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup ECU
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You will have to accelerate while turning at times around Donington. However, you can still get away with a Traction control of 3. Engine braking is best at 4 to help shave speed off around corners such as Turn 1.

The anti-wheelie aid should be around 3 though, despite the big declines and inclines around this circuit. All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.

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