MotoGP 22: Finnish Grand Prix setup guide - Kymi ring guide, transmission, & more

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MotoGP 22 is one of the best racing games of 2022 so far! The official game of the 2022 MotoGP season is also arguably the best game the series has ever seen since Milestone took it over.

You can read how MotoGP 22 has impressed us in our full review. Round twelve of the 2022 season brings us to Finland! The Finnish GP has been delayed for two years in a row, but it's set to return for the first time in 35 years this Summer.


The Kymiring is a brand-new purpose-built circuit and is ideal for MotoGP racing. Here's the setup guide you need to be fast in MotoGP 22.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Tyres

The surface at the Kymiring is billiard table-smooth, so you can afford to be adventurous with your tyre choice. We've found that a soft on the front and a medium on the rear provide good grip and last the distance.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension

The front suspension needs to on the low side to aid stability in Finland. Aside from the rapid-fire corners in the final sectors, you need to ensure you can really lean on the bike.


We've gone for 1 pre-load and 2 for both swingarm extension and compression. We've also opted for 3 oil quality and 4 spring hardness on the front.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension 2

The rear suspension should also be on the low side for a more balanced bike overall. The values should mirror the front, with the exception of the spring hardness, which is slightly higher at 5.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Vehicle Geometry

The Vehicle Geometry should be slightly on the low side as well, but this time to aid the responsiveness of the steering. This circuit is quite narrow, so this comes in handy.

The steering head inclination is down at 1, as is the trail. Steering plate position should be at 2, with the rear swingarm at 3.



MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission

The gears here are best at default, with them all at 3. This is to strike a good balance between acceleration and overall top speed. The exception to this is the final ratio, which is up at 5 for the long backstraight.

The slipper clutch should be around 5 to allow for better stability.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission 2

Brake System

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Brakes

You've got several big stops around the Kymiring, but not enough to justify the biggest brakes. The gaps between them are long enough to get away with the 340 mm on the front and the 220 mm on the rear.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup ECU

As this a new and relatively flat circuit, you don't need to lean on the electronic aids as much as at some circuits. The traction control can be down at 3, as you don't need to accelerate while turning much.

Engine Braking also should be up at 4 in order to help aid shaving speed through the final sectors. Anti-wheelie also has to be at around 3 to prevent the front wheel from flying off the ground.

Power mapping is best at 3 for a flying lap, but you'll need to turn this around during some points in the race. This is to save fuel and the engine. All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.