MotoGP 22: Indonesian Grand Prix Setup Guide - Mandalika guide, transmission, settings, & more

Today is the day! MotoGP 22 has launched worldwide! We're so impressed with MotoGP 22, and you can read why in our full review right here! Round 2 of the 2022 season brings us to Mandalika for the first Indonesian Grand Prix.

This is a new circuit and a new race for MotoGP 22. So, you can be forgiven for getting a little lost when it comes to your setup. Never fear though, we're here to help you find the sweet spot with our setup guide.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Tyres
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In terms of the speed you take the corners, Mandalika isn't a tough circuit on the tyres. However, thanks to the intense heat in Indonesia, you need to opt for medium tyres on both the front and the rear of the bike.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension
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For MotoGP 22 most settings have changed in that they're now only measured in units of seven, rather than eight like before.

Front pre-load needs to be low at 2 to allow for more consistent steering around the relatively long corners in Mandalika. Oil quality and front spring hardness are both best at 4.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Suspension 2
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The front swingarm compression, though, is best cranked all the way up to 7. Finally, for the front of the bike's suspension, front swingarm extension is ideal at 3.

On the rear, values need to be in and around default for a good compromise. All of these settings are best, we've found at 3.

Vehicle geometry

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Vehicle Geometry
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For your Vehicle Geometry, steering head inclination is required to be all the way up at 7 to aid stability.

The trail has to be at 5, with the steering plate position down at 2. Lastly, the rear swingarm length needs to also be set to 3.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission
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The low gears have to be set slightly higher than average to aid stability, while the higher gears have to be set lower to aid acceleration. So, gears 1-3 are best at 4, with fourth gear at 3, and fifth and sixth at 2.

The slipper clutch is best at 4.

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Transmission 2
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Brake System

MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup Brakes
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Aside from the first corner, there aren't many long braking zones in Indonesia. However, thanks to the intense heat that's commonplace here, you need big brakes.

You need to use the new 355mm brakes on the front and the 220 mm on the rear.


MotoGP 21 Qatar Setup ECU
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You'll need a lot of help from the electronic aids in Indo. Traction Control and Engine Braking need to both be up at the maximum of 5. Anti-wheelie has to be at around 4 to prevent the front wheel from flying off the ground.

Power mapping is best at 2, as 3 will see you flying off the road around the mid-section of the lap. You can turn this up to 3 for the pit and back straights, though.

All of these can be adjusted out on track using the HUD in the bottom-right of the screen.

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