MotoGP 22 New Features: 2009 Season, Rider Academy, Tutorials, Two-player split screen, Crossplay, & more

It's official, MotoGP 22 is here! Milestone released the 2022 season game, MotoGP 22, back in April, and we're so impressed!

A whole host of new features have been added for 22. Which features do these include? We've got everything you need to know right here!

aware of.

This year they are adding all-new tutorials, and have given us a trailer to show it off!

A blast from the past

Historical content is nothing new for the MotoGP series. Milestone have been sure to include historical circuits, riders and bikes in previous MotoGP games, but 22 takes it to another level.

MotoGP fans will agree that the 2009 season is one of the best in recent memory. Thanks to the magic of video games, players are able to relive the '09 campaign in MotoGP 22.

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FANTASTIC ACTION: The MotoGP machines will be fantastic to pilot

Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa and the great Valentino Rossi are just a few of the riders you can step into the racing overalls of will all be on offer.

Nine features a 50-minute documentary made by Mark Neale, which will cover the highlights of an amazing year of grand prix motorcycle racing. That video breaks up the incredible action that you can enjoy at every race from 2009.

Easier for beginners

The accessibility of MotoGP games in the past hasn't been the best, as it has one of the steepest learning curves of any racing game. Milestone have addressed this issue for MotoGP 22, by introducing a new rider academy and tutorials.

The Revised Tutorials are a series of short gameplay sessions with custom rules. These help new players understand the basics of the game and feel confident on the bike.

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LEARNING THE ROPES: You've got to walk before you can run in MotoGP

The MotoGP Academy teaches players how to improve and perfect their riding style to be faster on every track. Challenges focus on everything from electronics, to tyre consumption, and brakes.

To help newbies find their feet with the difficulty system too, a new adaptive difficulty mechanic will help players through in-game pop-up messages. These will suggest how to change and modify the difficulty level based on their skills.

For example, the game could recommend lowering the difficulty if players do not complete specific challenges or enable some help in case they fall off the bike too often. These hints will appear at the end of the race and players are free to follow these suggestions or not.

More realistic than ever before

As this is a new MotoGP game, graphical and technical improvements are a large number of improvements to 22. The 3D driver models are better looking than ever before, as are their facial animations. Players will now also be able to manually manage the locking mechanism of the Ride Height Device and control suspension compression.

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BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE: Even in bad weather, MotoGP 22 looks amazing

Track surfaces have also been improved to better reflect the real world. Curbs are easier to ride now too, as the suspension system of the bikes have been enhanced.

Something else to note is that MotoGP 22 will have crossplay between consoles from the same family for the first time. Two-player split screen is also now confirmed for both local and online multiplayer.

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