MotoGP 22 Xbox One: Will the upcoming bike game be on old-gen?

It might seem like a while off, but MotoGP 22 is just around the corner. In a few months' time, we'll be able to get our hands on a copy of Milestone's latest official MotoGP game.

Xbox One copies will be available for MotoGP 22 as well! As the title will be released on both next and old-gen systems. Let's take a look and see what MotoGP 22 will be like on the old-gen Xbox.

Release date

The official release date for MotoGP 22 was confirmed to be 21st April in the announcement trailer below:

This release date is the same for every console and throughout the world.

What about the last console gen?

The Xbox One was released in late-2013 and the first MotoGP game on the system was MotoGP 15. MotoGP 22 is still on the old-gen Xbox though, as the transition to the new systems is still ongoing.

Milestone are still releasing their games on the previous generation of console. This is also the case for big releases as like Battlefield as well.

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TAKING THE INITIATIVE: MotoGP was available asap on Xbox One and Series X

Obviously, don't expect the same performance as those on next-gen hardware. However, it is good news for those still on last-gen, as they too can jump on to the game.

All of the features included

While the graphics, frame rate and sound anen't good as the One as it will be for the Series X, that's pretty much where the disadvantages end. When it comes to the tracks, riders, and bikes, everything that's included in the Series X version is also be on the One.

This includes new features such as the 2009 season, which is included for all versions of the game.

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CRYSTAL CLEAR: The graphics in MotoGP 22 will be brilliant on next-gen

This will be despite the One not being as powerful of a system as its next-gen equivalent. However, the One version will be down-scaled graphically, but it won't look bad by any means. If you don't have a 4K TV, you might not even notice a huge difference between the next and old-gen versions of MotoGP 22.

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