MotoGP 24: How to Brake

MotoGP 24 Braking
Credit: Milestone

MotoGP 24 Braking
Credit: Milestone

If you're wanting to up your brake game in MotoGP 24, you've come to the right place!

MotoGP 24 is out now and we're big fans! Milestone revealed big changes to the gameplay of MotoGP 24 compared to MotoGP 23, so how has this affected braking?

Well, we've got everything you need to know about perfecting slowing down for the corners in MotoGP 24 right here!

MotoGP 24: How to Brake

MotoGP's learning curve has never been the easiest to conquer, but things have changed for the 2024 game. Overall, the bikes are less liable to understeer and it's nowhere near as easy to lean too far and fall off.

To beat the best human and AI riders, though, it's still an immense challenge. However, MotoGP 24 is far easier than before to get into for the inexperienced player.

MotoGP 24 Qatar
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To brake when you're on-track, you'll need to press the L2 button if you're on PlayStation / the LB button on Xbox. For more info, you can check out our full controls in MotoGP 24 guide here.

If you're struggling to slow the bike down, though, we do have some tips to be able to help you out!

Braking assists & settings

If you're struggling to slow the bike down into corners, you might be missing your braking point. One assist that you can enable within the difficulty section is Ideal Trajectory.

Ideal Trajectory is basically the racing line assist in MotoGP 24 and it'll show you when you need to brake with yellow or red indicators.

Within the difficulty settings, you'll also see options to enable Neural Brakes and ABS. We recommend you turn both of these on, as well as turning off Joint Brakes if they're on.

MotoGP 24 setup
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It could also be possible that you've not got the right brakes for the track you're racing on. In general, the rule is the bigger the better for MotoGP brakes, so you may need to up the mm value of your brakes in your setup.

The tyres you have on the bike could also be hurting your brakes, as harder compounds usually mean your overall grip and therefore braking potential are too low.

Finally, if you're pulling a stoppie and flying over the handlebars when getting on the brakes, you'll need to turn your Anti-wheelie (AW) ECU setting up in the OSD in the bottom-right of the screen.

Do you think that braking is easier than previous years in MotoGP 24? Let us know in the comments below!

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